How to Grow Large Rose Flowers in India

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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If you want to know secrets about How to Grow Large Rose Flowers, then we have the best tips. Read on to find out everything and more!

How to Grow Large Rose Flowers

Growing roses with large flower heads are still a dream for many. If you want blooms in your garden to be of substantial size, then read on to find out  How to Grow Large Rose Flowers!

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How to Grow Large Rose Flowers

1. Position

Roses require warm weather and plenty of sunlight. Ensure that it gets 3-5 hours of full daylight daily along with good air circulation. These are the two important factors to get bigger blooms.

2. Watering

Roses require consistently moist but not saturated soil. Water the rose plant deeply when the topsoil feels a bit dry to touch.

3. Variety

It is imperative to choose a suitable variety that produces comparatively larger blooms. Go for hybrid tea and floribunda rose varieties for large size roses.

4. Pruning

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Pruning sparks new growth in roses, which bears new flower heads. Also, snip away the dead, criss-cross, and diseased branches, if any.

5. Soil

Roses grow poorly in clay or compact soil. Use moderately fertile and slightly acidic soil with pH 6-6.5. Add a generous amount of organic matter to enhance the size of the flowers.

6. Deadheading

Snip off dead roses as it saves the plant from wasting its energy into saving a dying flower. It then redirects its energy into growing a new one.

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7. Fertilizer

Use 8-10-8 fertilizer when stem sets up buds. Feed it with 0-50-30 at half the strength when the branches grow 4-6 inches tall. Use this once in 4-6 weeks for the best flowers.

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8. Mulching

Mulch prevents water loss from the soil in summers. Go for organic ones like grass clippings, shredded barks, and leaves, near the base of the plant.

Quick Tips Encouraging Bigger Roses

  • You can also use 6-8 crushed eggshells per plant. They are rich in calcium, which helps in bigger-size blooms, and keeps the stems sturdy and strong. Just crush the eggshells and sprinkle them evenly near the base of the rose plant.
  • Coffee grounds and used tea leaves are great for blooms. Add them to the base of the plant, once in 4-5 weeks.

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