How to Grow Kadi Patta Tree | Growing Kari Patta Plant

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Growing Kadi Patta is really easy in the Indian environment. If you live in an apartment, then grow it on your balcony in small pots for a fresh harvest!

Kadi Patta

Native to India, Kadi Patta Tree belongs to the Rutaceae family. It can easily reach a height of 8-30 feet and spreads to approximately 4-12 feet wide. If you live in a small space, then growing Kadi Patta in pots is the best way to have this plant and harvest fresh leaves! Let’s have a look at how to grow it easily.

Botanical Name: Murraya koenigii

Common Names: Curry tree, curry leaf tree, curry plant, sweet neem, methi neem

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Kari Patta Ko English Mein Kya Kahate Hain?

If you are wondering kari patta ko english mein kya kahate hain, then the answer to that question is – Curry Leaves. It is also famous as Curry tree.

Propagating Kadi Patta

Propagating Kadi Patta from cuttings is the best and quickest method.  You can also grow them from seeds but that can be time-consuming. To save time and effort, we recommend you buy a healthy Kari Patta plant from a local nursery.

Requirements to Grow Kadi Patta Tree

Kadi Patta


Kari Patta Plant needs at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight to grow well. While growing Kadi Patta in pots, place it on a sunny balcony or in a room near a window that gets direct sunlight. Avoid keeping it in the shade as it will result in fewer leaves with mild or no taste.


Kadi Patta grows best in a well-draining growing medium with plenty of organic matter. Add vermicompost, and cow dung manure to the soil before starting the plant. It prefers a pH between 6.4 and 6.9.

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Avoid watering Kari Patta Plant on a daily basis as it will keep the soil unnecessarily moist, which will result in root rot. Water kadi patta tree once in 3-5 days, or when the topsoil feels a little dry to the touch. Do make sure that you are not making the leaves wet while watering the plant.

Kadi Patta Care

Kadi Patta 1


You can fertilize Kari Patta using a balanced liquid fertilizer, once in 2 months. You can also feed the plant every month after diluting the fertilizer to 1/4 of its strength. Avoid feeding the plant in winter.


While growing Kari Patta Plant in pots, remove dead and damaged foliage and stems from time to time. This will ensure the plant looks and stays healthy. While taking leaves for consumption, cut them using a pair of scissors to ensure you are not damaging the stems or other leaves in the process.

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Pests and Diseases

Kari Patta Plant is pretty much safe from pests and diseases as long as you keep it in plenty of sunlight and avoid overwatering.

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