Quick Steps on How to Create Humidity for Orchids

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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If you want to know How to Create Humidity for Orchids then you are at the right place! Know all the tips and tricks here!

How to Create Humidity for Orchids

The orchid plant does well in a humid environment, between 40-80 % of its levels. Low humidity, especially in the summers, can cause the plant to lose its bud and brown colour of foliage. To avoid this here’s all you need to know on How to Create Humidity for Orchids to keep them thriving!

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How to Create Humidity for Orchids

1. Humidity Tray


This is one of the most popular and traditional ways to enhance the humidity of any plant. Just take a tray, add gravel or stones, fill tap water so that it is just below the gravel, and you are done!

Now, keep the orchid pot on this tray over the gravel or stones in a way that the bottom not in direct contact with water. The evaporation from the tray will render humidity to the plant.

2. Using a Humidifier

You can purchase a humidifier and keep it near the plant. Do ensure to clean it from time to time thoroughly, as its prolonged use can make it a hostage for bacteria or fungus.

3. Misting

How to Create Humidity for Orchids 2

You can use a spray bottle to mist the roots and leaves of the orchid in the morning to elevate the humidity to some extent. Make sure there is good airflow around the plant.

4. Place the Plant Near a Humid Place

As an alternate option, you can also place your orchid plant near the kitchen sink or bathroom. The constant moisture due to shower or sink water will provide the necessary humidity to the plant. An airy window is a must in these places for the plant, though.

5. Greenhouse


Create a mini-greenhouse for orchids by placing them in an open, clear plastic bag or container without closing its lid. The walls inside the mini greenhouse will get condensed, creating a humid atmosphere.

Some Dont’s 

  1. Make sure you use a distilled water instead of tap water, as it can create a white layer on the leaves that blocks the penetration of light.
  2. Avoid placing the orchid plant near a radiator, heater, or any heat-generating sources, as this will decrease the humidity further.
  3. Overwatering is not a solution for low humidity. Instead, it may lead to root rot.

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