Growing Sacred Lotus from Seed in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Growing Sacred Lotus from Seed is not as difficult as it may look! Here are all the details and information you need to grow it in your home!

Growing Sacred Lotus from Seed

With velvety petals, airy stems, and water floating leaves Lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers you can grow! Native to the tropical regions of Asia, the flower is usually spotted abundantly near the wetland, swampy, muddy, or pond areas. Here’s all the information about Growing Sacred Lotus from Seed and have this exotic flower in your garden!

Botanical Name: Nelumbo nucifera

Common Names: Padma, Kamal, and Pankaja, Tamarai

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Growing Sacred Lotus from Seed

To grow lotus from seed, purchase its seeds from a local seed supplier. The thicker are the seeds, the better are the chances of germination.


Scrape one end of the seeds using a metal file, or simply by rubbing the seed against the concrete surface. This makes the hard outer shell soft and allows the water to penetrate easily into the seeds.


Now, put the seeds into a transparent vase filled with lukewarm water. After a day, the seeds will swell twice their. Keep the seeds that submerge in the water and remove the ones that float as they are infertile.

Leaf Stems

Change the water on a daily basis, until the seeds sprout. They will start developing tiny leaf stems within 7-10 days. Once they grow about 5-6 inches, its time to plant the seeds.


Any container, that’s 5-8 inches deep will do. The container must not have any drainage holes, otherwise, roots growth will drag towards the holes.


You can use garden soil or potting mix. Fill the container half with soil and don’t bury the seeds completely. Just put them in the pot and cover with a thin layer of soil, keeping the leaves above the soil surface. Go with one seed per one pot rule.

Keep the Seeds Submerged in Water

Now, fill the container with water, 2-4 inches above the level of soil. Keep the container where it can get full sunlight.

Sacred Lotus Care

Growing Sacred Lotus from Seed 2

  • Lotus is quite sensitive to cold temperatures. Keeping it in direct sunlight for 5-6 hours a day will result in the best growth and flowers.
  • Prune the yellowing leaves and deadhead the dying flower regularly. Do ensure not to cut the flower or leaves below the waterline.
  • If you see the plants have outgrown the old pot, you can re-pot them in a larger container with fresh soil during spring.
  • If the plant is showing slow growth, you can feed it with aquatic plant food. Follow the instructions at the label for dosage.
  • If you are Growing Sacred Lotus from Seed, it’ll rarely flower in the first year. So, be patient!

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