Greenhouse Growing Problems for Beginners in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Here are some of the major Greenhouse Growing Problems for Beginners and how you can tackle them easily with simple tips and tricks!

Greenhouse Growing Problems for Beginners

Greenhouses are structures made from glasses where plants thrive year-round regardless of their growing season. If you have one, then here some basic Greenhouse Growing Problems for Beginners you can avoid easily.

Here are the top gardening tips for beginners in India

Greenhouse Growing Problems for Beginners

1. Pest Control

The closed and stable temperature inside a greenhouse offers an ideal thriving condition for pests like fungus and whiteflies.


  1. Examine new plants thoroughly before bringing them into the greenhouse.
  2. Quarantine infested plants away from the greenhouse and trim their affected parts.
  3. Regularly rotate soil and add compost or fish emulsion into the soil media.
  4. Using herbicide or pesticide inside the closed greenhouse space is not a good idea. Instead, use chamomile and rhubarb tea for fungal problems, mites, aphid, mite, and whitefly.

2. Pollination

Greenhouse Growing Problems for Beginners 2

In closed places, pollination is a major issue due to the lack of natural pollinators. Plants grown only for foliage or blooms respond fine, but veggies like tomatoes, eggplant, and gourds, need pollination to produce the harvest.


  1. Use greenhouse fans and humidifiers to create wind and appropriate conditions so that pollens may spread around.
  2. You can do it manually, too, by using a brush or cotton swab to pick the pollen from the anthers and put it on the flower’s stigma.

3. Weeds

The roofs and walls of the greenhouses are susceptible to weed production. One must not use herbicide inside the greenhouse before the planting, as they can buildup in the soil, making it harmful for the plants.


  1. Try discarding the weeds manually by pulling from the hands or a gardening tool.

4. Diseases

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Plants inside a greenhouse are prone to get damaged by fungal or other diseases. The earlier you spot the symptoms, the better are the chances of a plant’s survival.


  1. Use good quality seeds and soil.
  2. Sanitize or clean garden tools with a bleach solution and avoid bringing outside dirt inside.
  3. Keep the humidity level low and provide good aeration using greenhouse fans.

5. Temperature

The idea of a greenhouse is to provide an ideal temperature, but it should not be too warm to experience frequent drying or go stressed. Every plant has different temperature requirements, so understand their needs and place them accordingly.


  1. Arrange the plants according to their sunlight needs.
  2. The southwest corner is the hottest, so plants with more sunlight needs can be arranged here. On the other hand, the north-east area has the least temperature – best for shade-loving plants.
  3. Consider using fans as they maintain uniform air circulation and temperature.

6. Maintenance

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Unlike outdoor gardens, the most crucial factor for greenhouses is keeping them clean, tidy, and organized. Undetected leakages, standing water, and the uncleaned environment is the major cause of mold, mildew, and pests.


  1. Clean the floors and walls more often and dust the fans periodically.
  2. Sanitize all the gardening tools and keep an eye on the cracks or any water leakages.
  3. Prune and deadhead the plants regularly. Also, avoid overcrowding and overgrowing plants for better management.

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