4 Fantastic Ghee Uses for Plants

Last Updated: 11.03.2024

Do you know about Ghee Uses for Plants that can actually make them grow better? This superfood can be a miracle for your green friends!

Fantastic Ghee Uses for Plants

Clarified Butter – it is one of the most used items in kitchens all across India and you will be glad to know that it can be a perfect growth booster for your green friends, too! Let’s have a look on some amazing ghee uses for plants!

Ghee Uses for Plants

1. Boosting Soil Health

Boosting Soil Health 1

As ghee is rich in fatty acids, adding it to the growing medium can increase the organic composition in the soil – but here’s a catch! You need to do it in the right way to ensure your plants benefit the most from it.

In addition, add one tablespoon of ghee per pot – mix it well in the growing medium, water the plant well, and watch it thrive.

Note: Do not do it more than once in 2-3 months.

2. Keeping Bugs Away

Keeping Bugs Away 2

Aphids and slugs hate anything fatty that prevents them from crawling on stems and leaves – well, ghee can be a great alternative to save your plants from these pesky pests!

Add a 3-4 drops of melted ghee on a cotton and wipe the stems and leaves of the pest affected plant – this will create a barrier, preventing aphids and slugs climbing over.

Note: Do not use it on plants that are exposed to sunlight most of the time as it may cause a leaf burn – this works well for indoor specimens. 

3. Speeding up Growth

Speeding up Growth 3 Ghee Uses for Plants

Fats in ghee might provide a food source for beneficial soil microorganisms, which can then make the growing medium rich in organic matter, helping the plant to grow better and lush.

To make the most of it, add a teaspoon of ghee every 2-3 months in the growing medium.

4. Add Shine to the Leaves!

Plants with large leaf surface area like rubber plant can benefit from application of ghee – clean their leaves using a damp cotton cloth. Once done, take a cotton swab, add 4-5 drops of melted ghee, and wipe the leaves. It will not only make the leaves shine but will also add a layer of fat, making sure they last a tad bit longer!

Note: Ghee may attract more dust after the application so it will be a good idea to wipe the leaves again after 3-4 days. Do not use it on plants that are exposed to direct sunlight. 

Ghee is like a handy friend for your plants – just a simple and natural way to keep them happy!

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