10 Best Fruits to Grow in Indian Balcony Garden

Last Updated: 17.10.2023

If you want to grow your own fruits in a limited space, this article is for you! Read on to find out the Best Fruits to Grow in Indian Balcony Garden!

Balcony gardening can yield a great number of fruits as long as it gets plenty of moisture and sunlight. Check out the list of Best Fruits to Grow in Indian Balcony Garden!

Here are the best vegetables you can grow in the balcony

Best Fruits to Grow in Indian Balcony Garden

1. Pomegranates (Anaar)

Botanical Name: Punica granatum

Pomegranate is high-priced fruit, but surprisingly, you can grow it at home in a pot. You will need a large container and a spot that gets plenty of sunlight. Get a well-grown plant from a nursery and it will start fruiting in 2-3 years.

2. Apples

Botanical Name: Malus domestica

You can choose to grow any apple (standard/semi-dwarf/dwarf) and grow it in a pot! It can take 2-10 years to bear fruit depending on the variety.

3. Strawberries

Fruits to Grow in Indian Balcony Garden 2

Botanical Name: Fragaria × ananassa

Strawberries grow best in a container of 6-8 inches diameter, under full sun. All it requires is basic needs like good-quality potting mix, sunlight, and regular watering.

4. Lemons (Nimbu)


Botanical Name: Citrus × limon

Lemon is a great low-maintenance fruit plant and it grows perfectly in Indian balcony gardens. All you will need is a large-sized container, regular watering, and good sunlight. 

5. Oranges

Botanical Name: Citrus X sinensis

Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C, antioxidants, calcium, and fiber. Select a hybrid, dwarf varieties as they stay compact and fruit quickly.

6. Guava (Amrood)

Botanical Name: Psidium

Choose a large container, preferably of clay and with good drainage, and keep it under full sun. A guava tree started from seed will take at least a 3-4 to start bearing fruits. Get a well-tree from a nursery if you want to enjoy fruits quickly!

7. Peaches (Aadu)

Fruits to Grow in Indian Balcony Garden 4

Botanical Name: Prunus persica

The peach plant comes in dwarf varieties and it can produce fruits without pollination. Growing peach is easy as long as you water it well, provide it with good sunlight. 

8. Pineapples (Ananaas)

Botanical Name: Ananas comosus

You read it right! Pineapple is one of the few tropical fruits that grow best in pots. However, the process is quite slow and the plant takes a minimum of 3-4 years to start bearing fruits.


Though this article is about fruits, we would like to include two more plants that are used a lot in India kitchens and growing them in the balcony will give you a fresh and steady supply!

9. Tomatoes (Tamatar)


Fruits to Grow in Indian Balcony Garden 5

Botanical Name: Solanum lycopersicum

All varieties of tomatoes are well-suited for container gardening and the plant loves the Indian climate. Give them plenty of sun and water to watch them thrive. Tomato plants start bearing fruits in as little as 50-70 days after planting.

10. Chillies (Mirch)


Botanical Name: Capsicum frutescens

Chili plants require minimal care and attention, and they start bearing fruits in a month after sowing seeds. Moreover, they are perennials and they continue to produce yields for many years.

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