Popular Indian Fruits Names in Tamil

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Want to expand your knowledge about fruit names in different languages of India? Here are the names of the Popular Fruits Names in Tamil!

Tamil is narrated as “the only language of contemporary India which is recognizably continuous with a classical past,” as this language is known for having the oldest literature work. In India, it is chiefly spoken by the Tamilian people belonging to Tamilnadu and Puducherry. So, if you want to expand your knowledge, here are some Popular Fruits Names in Tamil!

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Popular Fruits Names in Tamil

1. Mango

Fruits Names in Tamil

Tamil Name: Mangai / Mankani

Mangoes tastes great in chutney, tarty pickles, and flavorsome juices.

2. Winter Cherry

Tamil Name: Amukkura-Kizhangu

Sour cherries with a slightly bitter note adds a palatable touch to the salads.

3. Apple

Tamil Name: Apple

Apples serve as a sweet spread or mid-meal munch.

4. Jujube

Tamil Name: Elantha pazham

The sweet and chewy jujube is cherished raw with salt and chili flakes seasoning.

5. Gooseberry

Tamil Name: Nellikai

Every Indian household pantries retain ‘Amla murabba‘ made by soaking gooseberries in sugar syrup.

6. Papaya

Tamil Name: Pappali Kai

Papaya has a sweet and soft flesh that quickly melts in the mouth.

7. GrapesFruits Names in Tamil 2

Tamil Name: Dhiratchai / Thiratchai

Sweet tarty grapes are cultivated either for table consumption or raisin and winemaking.

8. Guava

Tamil Name: Koyyapazham / Koiyaa Palam

Fresh and aromatic guavas seasoned with salt and chili powder taste yummy!

9. Orange

Tamil Name: Oranju / Kichilipazham

High in Vitamin-C, the tangy and aromatic orange slice adds a counterpoint to the fruit cup and salads.

10. Watermelon

Tamil Name: Tharpoosani / Darbusini

Watermelons are true ‘summer blessings’ as they keep you hydrated.

11. Muskmelon

Tamil Name: Mulaam Palam

Nothing like relishing the slices of muskmelon in hot Indian summer.

12. Pear

Tamil Name: Paerikkaai

Pear features gritty texture, fruity aroma, and sweet taste that varies with the variety.

13. Banana

Fruits Names in Tamil 3

Tamil Name: Valai Palam / Vazha Pazham

Bananas can be consumed raw or in the forms of wafers or shake.

14. Pineapple

Tamil Name: Anasi Pazham / Annasi Palam

Pineapple is a perfect blend of sweet and tart tones.

15. Custard-apple

Tamil Name: Seetha Phalam

Its ice cream can be a wonderful dessert after a light meal!

16. Coconut

Tamil Name: Thengai

Cherished for its hydrating water and fibrous flesh that goes well in chutney and barfi.

17. Pomegranate

Tamil Name: Mathulam Pazham

Pomegranate is rich in Vitamin C, K, fiber, folate, and potassium.

18. Date

Tamil Name: Paeritchai Palam / Perichampazham

Pride of the tropical regions, chewy dates are consumed both fresh and dried.

19. Raspberry

Fruits Names in Tamil 4

Tamil Name: Purruppalam

It can be tossed on the salad or blended into smoothies.

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20. Wood apple

Tamil Name: Vilampazham

Wood apple is consumed after blending with jaggery, honey, or sugar.

21. Walnut

Tamil Name: Akhrot / Nattuakrot Kottai

A powerhouse of multiple nutrients, walnuts imparts extra crispiness and nutty flavor to oatmeal and burfi.

22. Sugarcane

Tamil Name: Karuppan

The sugary juice of sugarcane is the best bet for harsh summers and keeps stomach infections at bay.

23. Raisin

Tamil Name: Kaaintha Thiraaichai / Ular Dhraaksha

Made from dried grapes, the essence of raisins pep up the flavor of kheer, pudding, and laddoo.

24. Sapodilla

Tamil Name: Saporta

It has mellow and sweet flesh that can be scooped for relishing raw.

25. Indian Plum

Fruits Names in Tamil 5

Tamil Name: Kaatambalam

Also known as Alubukhara, the sweet-tarty plums come in a wide range of colors and sizes.

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