List of the Most Popular Flowers Names in Urdu

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Native to the land of nawabs? If you are then this exclusive list of Popular Flowers Names in Urdu will give you all the information you need!

Urdu is known as ‘the language of the poet’s‘ thanks to its graceful accent and rich literature. If you too feel inclined towards the language and want to learn more about it, then this list of popular Flowers Names in Urdu will come in handy!

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Flowers Names in Urdu

Urdu Name: Gul-e-lala

Borne solitary on stems, the cup-like flowers have three sepals.

2. Jasmine (Chameli)

Urdu Name: Chanbeli 

Thanks to the sharp floral scent of the waxy blooms, it can make any garden a mini paradise.

3. Marigold (Genda)

Urdu Name: Sad-e-barg

Every cultural function call for bountiful marigolds for decoration.

4. Orchid

Urdu Name: Talib-e-misri

Featuring three sepals and petals, an orchid is the best gift to greet anyone.

5. Sunflower (Surymukhi)

Urdu Name: Suraj Mukhi

The heliotrope nature of sunflowers makes them stand out.

6. Lotus (Kamal)

Urdu Name: Kanwal

Thanks to the overlapping petals, airy stems, and floating leaves lotus flowers are one of a kind.

7. Daffodil (Nargis)

Flowers Names in Urdu 2

Urdu Name: Aabi Nargis

This award-winning flower with striking golden petals appears every year in springs.

8. Narcissus (Nargis)

Urdu Name: Nargis

The cup-like flowers represent a striking blend of yellow and white hues.

9. Chrysanthemum (Guldaudi)

Urdu Name: Gul-e-Daudi

Pride of the fall garden, its abundant petals are actually individual florets.

10. Pink Rain Lily

Urdu Name: Sosan

Special delight of summers and monsoon, pink lily ranks fourth in the list of most popular flowers.

11. Rose (Gulab)

Urdu Name: Gulaab

Roses showcase a wide spectrum of color, size, fragrance, and floral arrangement.

12. Prickly Poppy (Peela Dhatura)

Urdu Name: Bharbhand

White to yellow blossoms appear on the spiny stem that releases yellow sap upon breaking.

13. Garden Balsam (Gulmehndi)

Flowers Names in Urdu 3

Urdu Name: Gul-e-mehndi

The popularity behind this old fashion flower is due to its wide range of colors.

14. Rangoon Creeper (Madhumalti)

Urdu Name: Ishq Pechaan

Exquisite flowers on MadhuMalti look beautiful while cascading over arch or fence.

15. Gardenia (Gandhraj)

Urdu Name: Gulchand / Gulchandani

Fragrant and white flowers of gardenia lend a calming vibe in the landscapes.

16. Moss Rose (Nonia)

Urdu Name: Gul-e-shamaa

Colorful blooms trailing on the fleshy stems look stunning in hanging baskets.

17. Tuberose (Rajnigandha)

Urdu Name: Gul Shabbo

The clustered flower spikes unfurling during the night time, emitting heavenly fragrance.

18. Dandelion (Dudhal)

Urdu Name: Bathur

The compact head of this flower is composed of a multitude of individual florets.

19. Flame of the Forest (Palash)

Flowers Names in Urdu 4

Urdu Name: Dhak

Beak shaped flowers toned in orange shade mimic fire-like appearance from far.

20. Bahuphali

Urdu Name: Boh Phali

Tiny, yellow flowers on green leaves are famous for their beauty!

21. Oleander (Kaner)

Urdu Name: Knir

Colorful flowers of oleander form a floral carpet beneath the tree after shedding.

22. Crape Jasmine (Chandani)

Urdu Name: Chaandani

The starry flowers in pinwheel shape play a potent role as offerings.

23. Violet (Banafsha)

Urdu Name: Gul-e-banafsha

Violets make a statement with their distinctive combination of color and floral pattern.

24. Purple Glory

Urdu Name: Begum Bahar

Thanks to its exceptional look, purple glory rewards the gardeners with year-round blooming.

25. Crown Daisy (Gulchini)

Flowers Names in Urdu 5

Urdu Name: Gul-e-seoti

The flower not only add visual to gardens but also make good cut flowers.

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