Popular Flowers Name in Gujarati

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Native to Gujarat? Want to know the flower name in the state’s languague? Here is a list of the most popular Flowers Name in Gujarati!

 Gujarati is one of the most spoken languages in the country and is quite popular. If you are a native of Gujarat state then this list of popular flower names in India will help you to know the name of your favorite flower in your native language!

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Popular Flowers Name in Gujarati

1. Passion Flower (Krishnkamal)

Flowers Name in Gujarati

Gujarati Name: Mukkopeera

This purple flower representing a stunning ring of coronal filaments is one of a kind.

2. Peacock Flower (Guletura)

Gujarati Name: Gulmohar

Its orange color blotched with yellow markings, it adds tones of colors to the landscapes.

3. Aak Flower (Aakavi)

Gujarati Name: Akado

Tinted with lavender hues, the starry flowers are borne on milky latex stems.

4. Crepe Jasmine (Chandani)

Gujarati Name: Sagar

Unlike other seasonal blooms, it rewards gardeners with year-round flowering.

5. Coral Jasmine (Harsingar)

Flowers Name in Gujarati 2

Gujarati Name: Harshangar / Parijatak

Night flowering coral jasmine sets a fragrant floral carpet in the morning upon shedding.

6. Oleander (Kaner)

Gujarati Name: Kaner

Funnel-shaped oleander comes in a wide color spectrum of white, pink, red, yellow, and purple.

7. Canna Lily (Keli)

Gujarati Name: Kenna

Warm-tone petals flushed with orange, red, or yellow, enhances the visual appeal of gardens.

8. Hibiscus (Gudhal)

Gujarati Name: Jasuva / Jaasud

Five broad petals of hibiscus surrounding a pistil makes a bold statement.

9. Purslane (Lunia)

Flowers Name in Gujarati 3

Gujarati Name: Luni

Displaying spectacular color combinations, cup-like flowers look stunning on burgundy stems.

10. Rangoon Creeper (Madhumalti)

Gujarati Name: Barmasinivel

Pink to red toned flower emits a heavenly fragrance, which is at its peak during the night.

11. Butterfly Pea (Shankhpushpi)

Gujarati Name: Garani

The conch-shaped flowers in solid blue tones offer a contrasting accent to the landscape.

12. Lotus (Kamal)

Gujarati Name: Motunkamal

Gracefully standing atop muddy water, the lotus is considered an emblem of enlightenment.

13. Kewada (Ketaki / Kewara)

Flowers Name in Gujarati 4

Gujarati Name: Ketaki

Also known as white lotus, Kewada flowers are prized for their refreshing floral note.

14. Elephant Creeper (Ghav Bel)

Gujarati Name: Samudrashok

The blooms showcase elegant shades of lavender and pink paired with a dark throat.

15. Marigold (Genda)

Gujarati Name: Galgota

Hindu auspicious ceremonies look incomplete without the marigold toran decoration.

16. Arabian Jasmine (Mogra)

Gujarati Name: Mogro

Thanks to its mesmerizing fragrance, attar and perfume industries extensively use it.

17. Night Cestrum (Rat ki Rani)

Flowers Name in Gujarati 5

Gujarati Name: Raat Rani

As the name indicates, the blooms unfurl and disperse its delightful fragrance during the night.

18. Plumeria (Champa)

Gujarati Name: Aholo Champo

The showy flowers featuring five velvety petals are hailed for their pleasing scent.

19. Balsam (Gulmehandi)

Gujarati Name: Gulmehandi

Displaying bold colors of pink, red, mauve, and lilac, balsam invites bees and butterflies in gardens.

20. Indrayan

Gujarati Name: Rata Indrayan

The white flowers with frilly edging look beautiful!

21. Crinum Lily (Nagdamani)

Flowers Name in Gujarati 6

Gujarati Name: Sukhdarshan / Sudarshana 

The spider-like flower with slender and curving petals emerge on the leafless stalks.

22. Brahmi Flower

Gujarati Name: Brahmi / Jalanevari

The starry flower flushed with white to lavender is touted for its medicinal properties in Ayurveda.

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