14 Best Flowering Plants for Kids in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Children love colors and fragrances! Here are some of the best Flowering Plants for Kids that you can grow and help them being close to nature.

Connecting your kids with plants will help them develop an interest in nature. As flowers also attract many other insects and birds, they’ll also learn about pollination. Here are some of the most beautiful Flowering Plants for Kids you can grow that are also safe for them.

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Best Flowering Plants for Kids

1. Rose / Gulab

Flowering Plants for Kids

No other flower can beat rose when it comes to fragrance, colors, and its popularity in India.  There are numerous roses varieties available today, but it’s better to opt for a thornless variety for kids’ safety.

2. Sunflower / Surajmukhi

As the flower moves according to the sun’s movements. It’ll be fascinating for kids to learn more about it. and watch the plant grow. Sunflowers not only attract kids, but they also invite bees to the garden.

3. Passionflower / Krishnkamal

Flowering Plants for Kids 2

The flower has a unique set of petals and sepals that makes it stand out. The unique appearance of passionflower will surely grab your kid’s attention along with its charming color.

4. Nasturtium / Nargis

Coming in the striking shades of yellow, orange, and red, this funnel-like flower is a head-turner. You can involve your kids in growing nasturtium, and as its petals are edible, it is completely safe for your little ones.

5. Lantana / Raimuniya

Flowering Plants for Kids 3

Its dense cluster of flowers display a mesmerizing mix of yellow, orange, white, red, to purple colors. The leaves and flowers emit a soothing fragrance that is sure to catch your child’s attention!

6. Daisy / Gulbahar

Displaying a wide array of colors and patterns, the daisy flower has a unique combination of disc and head florets. Their longevity and exquisite beauty make them perfect for your kids.

7. Butterfly Pea / Shankhpushpi

Flowering Plants for Kids 4

As the flower is famous for its immense health benefits, you must grow it in your garden for kids. Butterfly Pea is also used by ayurvedic practitioners to treat anxiety.

8. Purslane

Purslanes are great for kids as they come in a wide array of colors like yellow, pink and red,. Thanks to its trailing stems, this plant also looks great in spiller thriller container.

9. Arabian Jasmine / Mogra

Flowering Plants for Kids 5

The soothing fragrance of this award-winning flower is popular in perfumery. The waxy-white flower emits a delightful fragrance that is at the peak at night. Your kids are surely going to love this.

10. Hibiscus / Gudhal

The trumpet-shaped flower with five petals come in a wide range of colors and floral patterns. As the flower is also edible, it is one of the safe plants for kids, even if they accidentally swallow it.

11. Gongurra

Flowering Plants for Kids 6

This flower not only adds a stunning look to the garden, but it is also famous for preparing jam, and its leaves are added to various recipes to add a tarty note.

12. Lavender

The fragrance of its flowers has a calming effect that can help your kids sleep better.  You can easily grow it indoors and the plant looks spectacular with its beautiful blooms.

13. Rangoon Creeper / Madhumalti

Flowering Plants for Kids 7

The cluster of fragrant flowers trailing on this vine adds a picturesque view to the yard. You can also involve your kids to help you train its vine so that they may develop an interest in gardening.

14. Night Jasmine / Parijat

Its waxy white flowers with orange tubes are known for their pleasing fragrance. It unfurls during the night and sheds a floral carpet beneath the tree every morning. The kids would love to play around them!

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