Popular Flower Names in Punjabi

Last Updated: 11.03.2024
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Here is an all-inclusive list of some of the most popular Flower Names in Punjabi that’ll help you in knowing more about the languague!

Be it any culture or region. the flowers are celebrated and they are part of the traditions and festivals in India. Here is a list of Flower Names in Punjabi that’ll help you to know more about the languague!

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Popular Flower Names in Punjabi

1. Oleander

Flower Names in Punjabi

Punjabi Name: Kanel / Kanir

Spectacular blooms of oleander form a flowery carpet in the landscapes after shedding.

2. Carnation

Punjabi Name: Gulnaara

Showcasing elegant shades of pink, white, red, and yellow, carnations look ever so charming.

3. Mustard

Punjabi Name: Saroo / Sarson

The bountiful yellow flowers growing on the farmlands are the pride of Punjab.

4. Marigold

Punjabi Name: Genda

Coming in warm tones of yellow, orange, and red, marigold torans are must-have in auspicious functions.

5. Sunflower

Punjabi Name: Surajmukhi

Flaunting in warm yellow tone, sunflowers simply stand out.

6. Daisy

Flower Names in Punjabi 2

Punjabi Name: Gulbahaar

Thanks to its longer vase life and vivid looks, daisy ranks fifth in the most popular cut flowers list.

7. Dahlia

Punjabi Name: Dahliaa

The compact flower coming in either single or bi-color is available in all shades of the rainbow.

8. Chrysanthemum

Punjabi Name: Guldaudi

The petals are made up of ray florets while the center button is composed of the disc florets.

9. Dhatura

Punjabi Name: Dhatoora / Datura

Coming in the shades of pink, white, and purple, the bell-like flowers are offered to Hindu deity Shiva.

10. Lotus

Punjabi Name: Kamal / Kanwal

Thanks to the intrigue floral arrangement, this aquatic bloom is a true delight on its own.

11. Poppy

Punjabi Name: Khaskhas

Displaying from spring to summers, poppy features four to six petals with multiple stamens.

12. Magnolia

Flower Names in Punjabi 3

Punjabi Name: Champa

The cup-shaped flowers of magnolia marks a statement via its intoxicating fragrance.

13. Hibiscus

Punjabi Name: Gurhal / Jia Pushp

Outer curved petals come in the shades of pink, orange, peach, and yellow.

14. Rose

Punjabi Name: Gulaab 

Rose enhances the appeal of the landscape, thanks to the beautiful row of petals.

15. Saffron

Punjabi Name: Keshar

The orange stigmas of this flower are used as a special condiment in various cuisines.

16. Touch me not

Punjabi Name: Lajwati / Chui Mui

The flower is admired for its closing nature when someone tries to touch it.

17. Night Blooming Jasmine

Punjabi Name: Raat di Raani

Unfurling during the night, the heavenly fragrance of the flowers disperses in the air.

18. Caltrop

Flower Names in Punjabi 4

Punjabi Name: Gokharu / Gokshura

Dainty, yellow flowers of a caltrop are generally treated as weed by gardeners.

19. Indigo

Punjabi Name: Lil

The showy flowers in purple hue appear in the dense clusters over the spikes.

20. Tiny Morning Glory

Punjabi Name: Bhanwar 

As the name suggests, the flowers are very tiny and tinged with pink or purple tones.

21. Coral Jasmine

Punjabi Name: Hara Singara

Thanks to the daily shedding of the flowers, they create a floral mat beneath the tree.

22. Butterfly Pea

Punjabi Name: Aparajith / Nililoel

The blue flowers in the conch shape bring a contrasting accent among other flowers.

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