30 Exclusive White Flower Plants in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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These White Flower Plants in India are not only just easy to grow, but some of them also offer the perfect mix of beauty and fragrance!

Flowers are the true gifts of nature and most appreciated for their colors and looks. The beautiful white flowers are the symbol of purity and innocence and offer a contrasting accent to colorful flowers. The below list features the white flower plants in India, some of which are very common and found in every Indian garden, whereas some are rare to spot!

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White Colour Flowers Name

1. White Bougainvillea

White Flower Plants in India

Botanical name: Bougainvillea glabra

The waxy inflorescence of the bougainvillea is surrounded by bracts that are often confused with the petals. Growing in the clusters, its blossoms are continually produced throughout the year.

2. White Hibiscus/ Gudhal

Botanical name: Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis

The trumpet-shaped flowers of hibiscus come in a wide range of colors. Among all, the white hibiscus is considered very pious. It is also a symbol of beauty and female energy.

3. Crepe Jasmine/ Chandni

White Flower Plants in India 2

Botanical name: Tabernaemontana divaricata

Extensively used by Hindus in worship, this pious flower has five petals with a waxy texture. Coming in the clusters, jasmine blossoms continue to flower throughout the year. It is one of the best White Flower Plants in India.

4. Night Jasmine/ Raatraani

Botanical name: Nyctanthes arbor-tristis

No Indian garden looks complete without the presence of this white Jasmine flower. Although the greenish-white flowers are not very showy, its fragrance at night time is what makes it stand out from the rest.

5. White Water Lily/ Nilofar/ White nenuphar

White Flower Plants in India 3

Botanical name: Nymphaea alba

Belonging to the Nymphaeaceae family, water lily dwells in the water bodies like ponds and lakes. This bowl-shaped lily comprises 16-20 petals with a bulk of yellow stamens in the center.

6. Calla Lily/ Arun Lily

Botanical name: Zantedeschia aethiopica

The flower features chalice-shaped bracts that surround the yellow spike of the inflorescence. These velvety bracts, also known as spathes gracefully tilts more at one side, hence making its overall appearance eye-catching.

7. Arabian Jasmine/ Mogra

White Flower Plants in India 4

Botanical name: Jasminum sambac

The oval bud upon unfolding into double flower has a pleasing fragrance.  The tiny flowers open up during the night for 12-20 hours and continually bloom throughout the year.

8. Plumeria/ Champa

Botanical name: Plumeria alba

Plumeria is a white-hued, five-lobed flower with center tinged with yellow shade. Flowering from early summers till fall, this white Champa flower is highly fragrant.

9. Devil’s trumpet/ Datura/ Jimsonweed

White Flower Plants in India 5

Botanical name: Datura stramonium

According to Hindu mythology, this flower is believed to emerge from the chest of God Shiva. The five petals growing on the purplish stems open up in the funnel shape.

10. White Tulip

Botanical name: Tulipa gesneriana

Tulip is famous for its wide variety coming in every color of the rainbow, but talking about the white tulip, its an entirely different story. Symbol of new beginning, this cup-shaped flower has white hue with three petals and sepals.

11. White Rose/ Gulab

White Flower Plants in India 6

Botanical name: Rosa × alba

The list is incomplete without the white rose. Denoting innocence and purity, the showy flower is covered with numerous waxy petals. The flower has a pleasing scent and grows on a prickly branch. It is one of the best White Flower Plants in India.

12. White Orchid

Botanical name: Bauhinia acuminata

Flushed with a light green hue eye or center, this white orchid is one of the rarest flowers to spot. Its exotic look is highly admired as cut flowers in bouquet and flower arrangements.

13. White Carnation

White Flower Plants in India 7

Botanical name: Dianthus caryophyllus

The ruffled petals of white incarnation, arranged in the pompom shape look fabulous. Its extravagant look has been an inspiration for many artists, and poets. Most varieties produce a single flower per stalk.

14. White Gerbera Daisy

Botanical name: Gerbera jamesonii

Reminiscent to sunflower, the slender petals of gerbera daisy have a yellow ‘eye’. Representing calm and cheerfulness, this white daisy flower is used as cut flowers for bouquets and other decors.

15. Lily of the Valley

White Flower Plants in India 8

Botanical name: Convallaria majalis

The bell shape of this flower makes it exceptionally stunning. It consists of six tepals that emit soothing fragrance and flowers during mid-springs when the winters are mild.

16. Safed Kaner

Botanical name: Cascabela thevetia

This trumpet-shaped flower has religious significance and is offered to Lord Shiva as reverence. This waxy bloom can be slightly fragrant and repeatedly flower from summer to fall.

17. Shasta Daisy

White Flower Plants in India 9

Botanical name: Leucanthemum × superbum

The cheerful white petals of shasta daisy, surrounding the sunny ‘eye,’ look fabulous. This long period bloomer is available in multiple forms including single, double, quilled, and fringed. It flowers from spring to fall.

18. White Annual Vinca/ Sadabahaar

Botanical name: Catharanthus roseus

These flowers always come in clusters and appear like a snowy carpet when growing as ground covers. The five petals of vinca come in multiple hues like pink, white, and lavender, with a pink tinge at the center.

19. White Dahlia Flower

White Flower Plants in India 10

Botanical name: Dahlia pinnata

Dahlias come in all hues of the rainbow including white, except for the blue. This pompom flower consists of tightly clustered florets that are seldom misunderstood with petals by many.

20. White Amaryllis

Botanical name: Hippeastrum

Frilly bordered petals, green-yellow throat, and the multiple stamens are the key features of white amaryllis. These funnel-like flowers grow in a group ranging from 2-12 on the single leafless stalk. It is one of the best White Flower Plants in India for indoors.

21. White Camellia

White Flower Plants in India 11

Botanical name: Camellia japonica

The large flower consisting of five to nine petals can be seen surrounded by the serrated leaves. It comes in various shades including pink, red, yellow, and white, but its tea variety always bears a white flower.

22. White Clematis/ Bel Kangu

Botanical name: Clematis ligusticifolia

Apart from its stunning looks, clematis earns lots of admiration for its vanilla fragrance. The pure white flower with yellow stamens produces during the warmer months of April and May.

23. Tuberose/ Rajnigandha

White Flower Plants in India 12

Botanical name: Polianthes tuberosa

Pride of India, the tuberose is a waxy, white flower that flourished in the cluster at the tip of the stems. This night-bloomer emits a honey-like sweet fragrance that is useful in extracting aromatic oils.

24. Chrysanthemum/ Guldaudi

Botanical name: Chrysanthemum morifolium

The flower, which appears to form from the group of petals, is actually the clustered array of florets. These are individual flowers that join together to create a mum flower.

25. White Daffodil

White Flower Plants in India 13

Botanical name: Narcissus

The starry flowers of Daffodil are either white or yellow hue. It is pronounced with the six velvety tepals that are confused with petals. Daffodils can either have a uniform color or can be accentuated with contrast tepals.

26. Candytuft

Botanical name: Iberis amara

Candytuft is rewarded with tiny, pure white petals. It is a low-growing plant that makes for a dense carpet-like look in any garden. Surrounded with needle-like leaves, the flowers emerge during winters and springs.

27. White Begonia/ Gajkarnika

White Flower Plants in India 14

Botanical name: Begonia semperflorens

The rosy flower grows on the watery stalks of the tuberous root plant. The exquisite flower marks its statement through its two sepals and petals having slightly varying hues.

28. White Hyacinth

Botanical name: Hyacinthus orientalis

The tubular flowers of Hyacinth appear in springs and symbolize the rebirth and rejuvenation. The stiff spike contains the cluster of flowers arranged in an alternate fashion.

29. Cosmo

White Flower Plants in India 15

Botanical name: Cosmos bipinnatus

The whole flower in itself is just a vast array of florets. A ray floret drapes in a circular fashion that appears to be the petals, whereas the center of the flower consists of disc florets.

30. Akaavi Flower

Tiny flowers resembling the star shape are covered with a mix of lilac and white hues. It releases milky latex from the stem. The flower can be spotted anywhere in India, and use as an offering for Hindu Deity Lord Shiva.

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