12 Awesome DIY Christmas Plant Gift Projects

Last Updated: 17.10.2023
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This festive season, surprise your friends and family members with these creative and unique DIY Christmas Plant Gift Projects!

If you want to play the role of Santa this festive season, then you can try these DIY Christmas Plant Gift Projects that every gardener must surely try!

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DIY Christmas Plant Gift Projects

1. Succulent Gift Box

DIY Christmas Plant Gift Projects

A wooden box, a couple of succulents, some glass jars, and few more supplies for this creative gift will be enough! Details are here.

2. Succulents in Mason Jars

Colorful succulents look great in stubby mason jars. They also look great on windowsills and tables.

3. Simple Gifts

DIY Christmas Plant Gift Projects 2

The project uses a burlap plant covering for a rustic touch. Add a tag with hand written message to make it more personal!

4. Rosemary Topiaries

Simple and elegant, these are easy to make and will be loved by everyone for sure! Click here for all the details.

5. Clothespin Flower Pot

DIY Christmas Plant Gift Projects 3

You can make inexpensive and elegant mini flower pots with clothespins. Details are here.

6. Herb Filled Moss Basket

This complete herb package is the best present for someone who loves cooking!

7. Mini Terrariums in Magnetic Spice Containers

DIY Christmas Plant Gift Projects 4

These miniature terrariums are super cute and can be made easily with moss, air plants, and open-faced tin.

8. Glass Candle Holders with Eucalyptus

This exquisite candle holder with eucalyptus in water is simply amazing to look at.

9. Using Alcohol Inks on Recycled Glass Jars

DIY Christmas Plant Gift Projects 5

Turn old glasses, jars, and vases jar into artistic flower holders by giving them a dash of colors!

10. Chic Beach Themed Succulent Planters

This beach theme succulent planter is a great gift for someone who loves oceans and beaches!

11. Sand Art Terrariums With Air Plants

DIY Christmas Plant Gift Projects 6

Surprise your friends with this DIY sand terrarium with air plants and black and white sand art.

12. Plastic Wrap Disguise

Simple, sweet, and cheap is what makes this DIY so unique. Wrap plants with brown paper to add a gift vibe. Details are here.

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