30 Creative Diwali Rangoli Ideas with Flowers

Last Updated: 17.10.2023
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Explore the creative Diwali Rangoli Ideas with Flowers, and craft creative designs to adorn your doorstep with color and fragrance.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is celebrated with immense joy and enthusiasm across India. One of the most delightful and creative aspects of Diwali is the tradition of creating vibrant. These intricate patterns, made with various materials, adorn the entrances of homes, adding to the festive spirit. Among the many materials used for rangoli ideas Diwali, flowers stand out for their natural beauty, fragrance, and vivid colors. In this article, we present 30 Diwali rangoli ideas with flowers to help you create stunning floral designs for the festival.

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30 Diwali Rangoli Ideas with Flowers

Here are Some Easy Rangoli Ideas for Diwali:

1. Marigold Extravaganza

Diwali Rangoli Ideas

Marigolds, known as the “heralds of the sun,” make for a bright and cheerful rangoli. Combine orange and yellow marigold petals to create eye-catching welcome rangoli designs flowers.

2. Rose Petal Elegance

Uma Adiki

Roses, with their velvety petals, offer a touch of sophistication. Arrange red, pink, and white rose petals in intricate patterns for a classic look and it is an easy rangoli for diwali.

3. Lotus Blooms

Diwali Rangoli Ideas
RMPV Creations

Create a symbol of purity and enlightenment with lotus-shaped rangoli is using vibrant lotus flowers.

4. Jasmine Bliss

sresta rangoli

Fragrant jasmine flowers are perfect for simple yet elegant and easy Rangoli for Diwali designs. Their white petals add a touch of purity to your doorstep.

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5. Dazzling Daisies

Diwali Rangoli Ideas
Mind soldier

Use the radiant petals of daisies to form intricate geometric easy Rangoli for Diwali that catch the eye with their simplicity and charm.

6. Carnation Carnival

Kolam Designs

Carnations come in a variety of colors, making them ideal for rangoli designs that burst with color and vitality.

7. Orchid Opulence

Diwali Rangoli Ideas

Orchids, known for their exotic beauty, can be used to craft rangolis that exude luxury and grace.

8. Tulip Temptation

Tulips, with their distinctive shape and bold hues, can be arranged to create an easy Rangoli for Diwali that are both modern and enchanting.

9. Lily Rangoli

Diwali Rangoli Ideas

The elegant and graceful lilies can be a flower rangoli design for diwali incorporated into rangoli patterns that are both soothing and enchanting.

10. Sunflower Radiance


Sunflowers, with their bright yellow petals, bring the warmth of the sun to your doorstep. They are perfect for beautiful flower rangoli designs for diwali that exude positivity.

11. Hibiscus Hues

Diwali Rangoli Ideas
Anagha Arts

Hibiscus flowers, with their striking colors, can be used to form an easy Rangoli for Diwali that are reminiscent of tropical paradises.

12. Gladiolus Glamour

Rangoli by jyoti Rathod

Create rangolis with gladiolus easy flower rangoli designs for diwali that stand tall and confident, adding a touch of drama to your entrance.

13. Peacock-Inspired

Diwali Rangoli Ideas

Fashion rangolis inspired by the majestic peacock rangoli design for diwali, using vibrant and colorful flowers to mimic its plumage.

14. Ganesha Rangoli

Craft diwali ganesh rangoli in the shape of Lord Ganesha, using a mix of flowers to honor the remover of obstacles.

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15. Om Symbol

Diwali Rangoli Ideas
Enrich Minds

Create rangolis in the shape of the sacred Om symbol small flower rangoli for diwali, using fragrant petals for a spiritual touch.

16. Diya Patterns

Arrange flowers to resemble the traditional Diwali oil lamps (diyas) for a festive and symbolic design.

17. Rangoli Mandala

Diwali Rangoli Ideas

Design intricate mandala-inspired rangolis using a variety of colorful flowers for a mesmerizing effect.

18. Paisley Patterns

KOLAM.Shanthi Sridharan.

Use petals to form paisley patterns, symbolizing fertility and eternity, to decorate your doorstep.

19. Peacock Feather Motif

Diwali Rangoli Ideas

Decorate your entrance with the motif of peacock feathers, using a mix of vibrant flowers for a colorful display.

20. Swastika Symbol

Poonam Patil

Craft rangolis in the shape of the Swastika, a symbol of auspiciousness, using bright petals for a sacred touch.

21. Traditional Kolam

Diwali Rangoli Ideas

Embrace the traditional Kolam designs of South India, using flowers to bring these ancient patterns to life.

22. Rangoli with Gota Patti

Combine flower petals with gota patti (metallic ribbon) to add a touch of sparkle to your rangoli.

23. Floating Flower Rangoli

Rangoli Ideas

Create rangolis using floating flowers in bowls of water for a serene and unique decoration.

24. Marathi Phool Rangoli


Follow the tradition of Marathi phool rangolis with vibrant flowers to celebrate Diwali in Maharashtrian style.

25. Floral Torans

Diwali Rangoli Ideas
Poonam Patil

Hang floral torans made of marigolds or other flowers above your rangoli for a grand entrance a.

26. Minimalistic Patterns

For a modern twist, opt for diwali muggulu designs with flowers minimalistic patterns with a single type of flower or color.

27. Rangoli Borders

Diwali Rangoli Ideas
Kalpana’s Corner

Frame your with flower border rangoli designs for diwali to make it stand out and create a welcoming pathway.

28. Diwali Centerpiece

Logixgrid Technologies Pvt Ltd

Use flowers to create a stunning centerpiece freehand rangoli for diwali that added elegance.

29. Aromatic Rangolis

Diwali Rangoli Ideas

Choose fragrant unique flower rangoli designs like jasmine, roses, and tuberoses to infuse your home with delightful scents.

30. DIY Floral Rangoli Kits


Explore unique rangoli design for diwali with DIY kits that provide you with the materials and instructions to create your own floral rangolis effortlessly.

These 30 Diwali rangolis with flowers offer a wide range of options to add beauty and elegance to your festive celebrations. So, gather your favorite flowers and let your creativity bloom as you design a stunning floral rangoli to welcome the festival of lights with open arms. Happy Diwali!

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