8 Best Deep Water Pond Plants You Can Grow in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Here are some of the most beautiful Deep Water Pond Plants you can grow! Their flowers look spectacular when they float on the surface!

Deep Water Pond Plants prefer the depth of 1.3 feet or more and can be totally or partially submerged. They are able to do well in low sunlight by producing more chlorophyll. Many of these plants also have a coating of slime on the leaf surface that reduces the drag from the water.

Best Deep Water Pond Plants

1. Water Lilies

Deep Water Pond Plants

Botanical Name: Nymphaea odorata

The white flower of lilies, gracefully floating over the water, makes a wonderful statement. Its green leaves are waxy and rounded with long stems that go deep in the pond water.

2. Lotus

Botanical Name: Nelumbo nucifera

Like the water lily, the lotus flower grows over the air-filled stems and rounded leaves. It only grows in freshwater lakes and ponds.

3. Hornwort

Deep Water Pond Plants 2

Botanical Name: Anthocerotophyta

The hornwort plant is mainly found in the lakes, streams, and marshes. It is a non-flowering and short plant that has a horn or needle-like leaves that is reminiscent of the moss.

4. Bur Read


Botanical Name: Sparganium

The grassy green stems and the ball-like cluster of flowers set bur read apart from all. This is one of the hardiest plants that profoundly grows in the low marsh or shallow to deep water ponds or lakes.

5. Floating Heart

Deep Water Pond Plants 3

Botanical Name: Nymphoides peltatum

This spectacular plant features heart-shaped leaves that float on the water. The yellow and fringed flower emerges at the top.

6. Water Hawthorn


Botanical Name: Aponogeton distachyos

Appearing during springs, the white, and showy flower exudes a hawthorn-like mild and pleasing scent. This aquatic and floating plant grows from the submerged tuber in the water ponds or marshes.

7. Brandy Bottle

Deep Water Pond Plants 4

Botanical Name: Nuphar Luteum

Also famous as Yellow Water-lily, its yellow flower has an alcohol-like smell, hence earned such a name. Since this plant has a vigorous growth habit, it generally thrives in deepwater ponds and lakes.

8. Cattail

Botanical Name: Typha

Rising from the rhizome, the cattail sends out 3-10 feet long stems with tapering leaves above the water. The plant is quite an aggressive grower and does well in partial shade to full sun.

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