12 Awesome Dark Purple Rose Varieties in India

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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The beauty of Gulaab is unmatched and the flower also comes in striking colors! Here are the best Dark Purple Rose Varieties in India!

Gulaab is the king when it comes to flowers. It comes in umpteen varieties with multiple shades and fragrances. If you like dark shade, then check out these stunning Dark Purple Rose Varieties!

Here are the best rose varieties you can grow in India

Stunning Dark Purple Rose Varieties

1. Reine Des Violettes

Dark Purple Rose Varieties

Native to France, this hybrid rose has a magenta-purple hue and carries a strong scent. The plant has thornless stems and pinnate leaves on which roses appear either in clustered or solitary form.

2. Diamond Eyes


This rose has a black-purple-hue that makes a remarkable statement against the green foliage. It emits an intoxicating clove-like strong fragrance.

3. Purple Hybrid Tea Rose

Dark Purple Rose Varieties 2

It has a deep purple shade and is a cross between perpetual and tea roses. The plant needs a bit more maintenance.

4. Ebb Tide

The double bloom rose has a clove and citrus-like fragrance. This rose variety has a compact, and rounded growth habit.

5. Munstead Wood Rose

Dark Purple Rose Varieties 3

This hybrid rose has purple-crimson petals that are intricately arranged in a cup-like shape. It exudes a pleasing fragrance that resembles the mix of blackberry and blueberry notes.

6. Bleu Magenta Rose

The color of the rose may vary from violet-crimson to pale purple violet. This semi-evergreen and scrambling climber is thornless and flowers from mid to late summers.

7. Sissinghurst Castle Rose

Dark Purple Rose Varieties 4

Quite a spectacular-shaped flower, it carries purple to crimson-hue and blooms from springs to summers. It emits a light but soothing aroma in the surroundings.

8. Night Owl Rose

This deep purple rose with white eyes and yellow anther is one of the best purple roses. It is also popular as a cut flower.

9. Rose Du Roi

Dark Purple Rose Varieties 5

The double-flowered Rose Du Roi has a spectacular blend of red and purple tones. This repeated bloomer rose variety appears in a tight cluster.

10. William Shakespeare 2000

The rose is large in size and its crimson petals turn purple-violet with age. It is highly fragrant and looks great with other roses and flowers.

11. Basye’s Purple Rose

Dark Purple Rose Varieties 6

This striking rose cultivar is a cross between Rosa rugosa and Rosa foliolosa. It continually displays throughout spring and summer.

12. Cardinal de Richelieu Rose

It has a burgundy-purple and continues to display from early spring to early summer. It is a great flower that you can grow at any sunny spot of your garden, balcony, or patio.

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