13 Best Christmas Tree Plants to Grow in India

Published on: 23.11.2023
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Check out the most beautiful Christmas Tree Plants to Grow in India. Decorate them in your garden for the best show in the festive season!

If you like trees in the garden, then these beautiful Christmas Tree Plants are a must-have in your yard. They look stunning with their height and foliage all year round!

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Best Christmas Tree Plants

1. Balsam Fir

Best Christmas Tree

Botanical Name: Abies balsamea

A classic choice among Christmas tree plants, the Balsam Fir boasts a symmetrical silhouette with dark green, aromatic needles, making it an ideal for festive decor.

 2. Canaan Fir


Botanical Name: Abies balsamea var phanerolepis ‘Canaan’

These trees are a hybrid of Fraser fir and balsam fir. The most attractive feature of the trees is their beautiful leaves, which are flat and needle-like, with a beautiful green color.

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3. Douglas Fir

Best Christmas Tree 2

Botanical Name: Pseudotsuga menziesii

A Douglas fir can be a wonderful addition to your yard. They are known for their attractive look in a pyramid shape with blue or dark green foliage.

4. Noble Fir


Botanical Name: Abies procera

The dense branches of these trees are evenly spaced along the trunk. Its foliage is needle-like and tends to curve upward, making them an appealing choice for the festival. 

5. White Fir

Best Christmas Tree 3
shutterstock/Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

Botanical Name: Abies concolor

The White Fir, known for its striking silver-blue needles. The leaves have a blue-green hue when young and take a deep green-white shade as they mature. 

 6. White Pine


Botanical Name: Pinus strobus

With its soft, flexible needles in clusters of five, the White Pine offers a graceful alternative among Christmas tree plants, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

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7. Virginia Pine

Best Christmas Tree 8
shutterstock/Kristi Blokhin

Botanical Name: Pinus virginiana

Exhibiting a rustic charm, the Virginia Pine is a robust Christmas tree plant, distinguished by its twisted needles and the ability to thrive in various holiday decorating styles

8. Blue Spruce

shutterstock/Leonid S. Shtandel

Botanical Name: Picea pungens 

The blue spruce is famous for its waxy gray-blue needles that tend to curve upwards. These Christmas tree plants have dense foliage that grows in a conical shape.

9. Norway Spruce

Best Christmas Tree 13

Botanical Name: Picea abies

The Norway Spruce, with its classic Christmas tree shape and short, sharp needles, brings timeless charm and a traditional holiday spirit to any festive setting.

10. White Spruce

Botanical Name: Picea glauca

This attractive spruce species is a large tree with needle-like leaves that are short and have a blue-green color. This spruce is a viable option for decoration!

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11. Leyland Cypress

Best Christmas Tree 29

Botanical Name: Cupressus leylandii

The Leyland Cypress, with its feathery foliage, offers a modern twist among Christmas tree plants, creating a sleek and minimalist backdrop for festive celebrations.

12. Eastern Red Cedar

shutterstock/J Need

Botanical Name: Juniperus virginiana

Cuddle a natural and rustic appeal, the Eastern Red Cedar is a beloved Christmas tree plant, featuring aromatic foliage and a distinctive conical shape for a warm holiday atmosphere.

13. Indian Christmas Tree

shutterstock/ Alexander Varbenov

Botanical name: Araucaria Columnaris

The Indian Christmas Tree uniquely captures the essence of cultural celebrations, bringing a distinct festive aura to homes with its traditional adornments and joyous gatherings.

Using These Christmas Tree Plants for Indoor Decorations

1. Choose a Focal Point: Select a special spot in your home for the Christmas tree, making it the heart of your indoor decorations.

2. Theme Selection: Pick a theme or color scheme that goes well with your home decor, creating a unified and visually pleasing setting.

3. Stringing Lights: Gently weave lights onto the tree, spreading them evenly to bring a warm and festive glow.

4. Garlands and Ribbons: Lift up the tree’s look by draping garlands or ribbons, adding texture and depth to the overall decoration.

5. Ornament Placement: Put ornaments with care, starting with larger ones and mixing in smaller, detailed decorations for a well-balanced look.

6. Tree Topper: Crown the plant with a beautiful tree topper that matches your chosen theme, giving a polished finish to the decoration.

7. Additional Accents: Think about adding extra touches like artificial snow, pinecones, or decorative picks to raise the tree’s charm.

8. Tree Skirt: Finish off the decoration with a stylish tree skirt that matches your overall decor while hiding the tree stand.

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