China Doll Plant Care | Growing Radermachera sinica in India

Last Updated: 20.12.2023

China Doll Plant Care is not as tough as people think it to be. If you want to grow Radermachera sinica in India then this guide will help you in every aspect!

China Doll Plant Care

Radermachera sinica is renowned for its emerald green and shiny leaves. If you want to add a different yet attractive specimen to your plant collection, then here are the best China Doll Plant Care tips for you!

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What is China Doll Plant?

China doll is a fuss-free plant famous for its tolerance to low humidity and warm air. It produces deep green and glossy leaves that have serrated margins. The plant is a bit sensitive to temperature fluctuations but once you take care of that aspect, it will be happy to grow without too much fuss.

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How to Grow China Doll Plant

Take 4-5 inches long softwood cutting from the healthy plant, dip the cut section in the rooting hormone, and plant in a pot filled with standard potting mix. Water the soil thoroughly and cover the container with plastic as this cutting requires adequate moisture to develop roots.

Place the container at any bright, indirect sunlight location. You will witness new shoots growth in 2-4 weeks.

Note: Buy saplings from a local nursery to save time.

Growing Requirements of China Doll Plant



China doll plant does well in bright, indirect sunlight but make sure to protect it from harsh afternoon sun rays. A morning sun exposure of 3-4 hours will do wonders for its growth.


Water it deeply whenever the top 1-inch of the soil feels dry to touch. Also, do ensure that you do not overwater the plant. If you see yellowing or crunchy leaves, then it’s a sign of underwatering, whereas the black tips on the leaves indicate overwatering.


The plant appreciates moist, loose, well-draining potting mix for best growth. If you are using garden soil, consider amending it using perlite and coarse sand.


China doll plant responds well to the temperature range of 18-30 C. Save the plant from cold drafts and heatwaves as extreme temperatures can shock and damage it.

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China Doll Plant Care

China Doll Plant Care 2


Use a balanced liquid fertilizer, diluted to half of its strength, once in 5-8 weeks. You can also use well-rotted cow dung manure.


This plant prefers to be root-bound and frequent re-potting may cause it to wilt and die.

Pests and Diseases

The plant can occasionally catch flies, scales, and fungus gnats. Use neem oil or soap solution to take care of them. Also, avoid overwatering to prevent any potential fungal issues.

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