9 Best Hybrid Chili Varieties in India To Grow

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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No Indian food is complete without chilies! You will be surprised to know that they come in many types! Here are the best Hybrid Chili Varieties in India!

Hybrid Chili Varieties in India

India has hundreds of varieties of chilies growing all across the country. They make an essential part of Indian cuisines and added to all the dry vegetables, curries, and stews for taste. Chilies can be eaten in both raw and cooked forms. These same chilies are sun-dried till they turn red and are ground into a fine powder, which is then used as an essential spice in Indian food. Let’s have a look at Hybrid Chili Varieties in India!

Botanical Name: Capsicum annum

Common Indian names:  Hari Mirch, Hari Mirchi, Miḷakāy, Meṇasinakāyi, Paccamuḷak, Kancha Lanka, Marcha, Jeevisang, Mirchan

Chili Pepper Cultivation in India

India, being one of the largest producers of chilies, produces enough for domestic use and exports as well. Chilies are one of the crucial crops here, and their commercial cultivation takes place in states like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh. However, almost 50% of India’s total chili produce comes from the state of Andhra Pradesh in South India alone.

Common types of Chili in India

There are a lot of varieties of chilis that grow in the specific parts of India. Some common chili varieties of the country include Kashmiri chili, Degi mirch, Gol Mirch, Torpedo chili, Mundu chili, Baydagi chili, Guntur chili, Jwala chili, Dhani/bird eye chili, Kanthari chili, Naga chili, and Bhut jholokia/Ghost chili. Bhut Jholokia is mainly cultivated in the north Indian states has been named one of the hottest chilis in the world.

Famous Hybrid Chili Varieties in India

A hybrid is simply a cross between two different varieties. There are many hybrid varieties of chili that are successfully introduced and are now being cultivated on a large scale for commercial use. Here are some of the most common hybrid chili varieties in India.

1. HPH-1900

The chili plants of this variety are erect and strong. They are of light green color, which can have medium to low pungency. Apart from that, these plants are heavy bearers, i.e., the chillis are produced in large quantities on these trees and moderately spicy.

2. HPH-117

This is a high yielding variety, which can get bushy. The plants are semi prostate and bear chillis heavily. This variety is small in size with light green color and has a high content of seeds. They are highly pungent with a strong taste and high heat. Moreover, the variety is suitable for transporting long distances.

3. HPH-490

Hybrid Chili Varieties in India 2

A variety with a good potential of producing high yields. The plants grow straight and can get tall. Chillis are long, light green, and are arranged compactly. It is one of the early hybrid variety with a good tolerance towards various diseases.

4. Bullet

This variety comes with a small size chillis, dark green with high pungency. The shape resembles that of a bullet, hence the name of the variety. They are borne closely on the stems. This variety also produces high yields.

5. Gayatri

Hybrid Chili Varieties in India 4

These are medium to light green, with a long length. The chillis have uniform length and smooth texture with compactly arranged seeds. In addition to having a high yielding potential, this variety is not very pungent and has a medium heat, which makes it a good choice.

6. Veera ( 70895)

The variety also has dark green colored chillis with a compact arrangement and smooth texture. This hybrid performs well under cold climatic conditions and can easily adapt to the north Indian climate.

7. Pusa Sadabahar

Hybrid Chili Varieties in India 5

The plants of this variety are perennial with upright growth. The chillis grow in clusters of approximately 5-6 each. Moreover, this variety is tolerant of various kinds of diseases as well.

8. Arka Khyati

The chillis of this variety are long and smooth in texture, with an average length of 10-12 cm. They have a dark green color, which turns red once they mature. Arka Khyatis are moderately hot with medium pungency.

9. Spicy 2o

The plants of this variety are strong and can get bushy with straight growth. The chillis on this plant are highly pungent, moderately hot, and light green. The variety sells well in the east Indian vegetable markets.

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