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Last Updated: 20.12.2023
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Looking forward to growing cactus and searching for a good and reliable shopping platform to Buy Cactus Online India? You’re at the right place!

Buy Cactus Online India

Member of the Cactaceae family, cacti belong to the arid regions. Most of all them are succulents and have fleshy and engorged parts that they use to retain water. But, the true distinction between cacti and succulent is that the only stem is the active part of cacti. Cacti exhibit various modifications to adapt itself according to the surrounding drought conditions. Their unique look and are low maintenance nature, make them one of the adorable houseplants to have. Here is all you need to know to Buy Cactus Online India!

Best Place to Buy Cactus Online in India

Due to their forgiving nature, the demand for cactus plants is increasing day by day. Mostly, gardeners prefer to search them to their nearby nurseries initially, but as local nurseries are susceptible to limited options, surfing them online generates bulk options.

So, if you are also inclined towards buy cactus plants online and searching for the right platform to shop from, then below is a list of best e-commerce online portals that you should check out.

1. My Bageecha


  • Good shipping and return policies
  • Succulents categorized as outdoor and indoor growing
  • Combo packs of succulents available

2. Chhajed Garden

Buy Cactus Online India 2Specialty

  • Wide collection
  • Reasonable price

3. Nursery Live


  • Online Portal for delivery related inquiries
  • Careful shipping

4. Garden World

Buy Cactus Online India 3Specialty

  • Affordable price
  • Bulk varieties available

5. Mashrita Nature Cloud


  • Bulk Variety
  • Good shipping

6. Cactus Company

Buy Cactus Online India 4Specialty

  • Easy refund policy
  • Fixed shipping date

7. Indian Nursery


  • Reliable shipping
  • Discounts on some plants

8. Amazon 

Buy Cactus Online India 5Specialty

  • Bare-rooted plants are shipped in ziplock packing
  • Easy refunds and replacement policies

Tips While Buying Cactus in India

While choosing any e-commerce website for shopping, check the ratings and reviews of its services. Filter the site by analyzing its positive as well as negative feedback.

  • Prefer bare-rooted cactus while ordering, as it is less prone to get damaged while shipping.
  • Examine its health on arrival with its appearance, its trunk should be robust, firm, and should not look pale.

Care for Cactus in India


Like succulents, cactus is a warm and sun-loving plant. It appreciates 6-8 hours of bright sunlight exposure per day or at least 4-hours of direct sunlight nurturing. For indoor growing cactus, preferring south or east-facing window yields out better results.


Cactus do not like over-watering so less is good. During the growing period and summers, water them deeply and thoroughly. But, make sure the top 1-2 inches of soil gets dry completely before watering them again.

Pot Material

Ceramic and terra coat pots are considered ideal for cactus planting, as they have a tendency to absorb water and allow good airflow as well. Hence, helping water escape out gradually and preventing your cacti from root rot problem. Also, they come in a wide range of shapes, and colors, giving your home a colorful accent. But, make sure the pot should have drainage holes in the base to let excess water skip out.


Cactus belongs to the arid and dry regions, so growing them in heavy soil can damage them. These cacti require soil that has good drainage capacity. Cactus mix soil, available in the market, can be a good option for growing both succulent and cactus. But, you can prepare its soil yourself as well by mixing five parts of regular potting soil with two parts of pumice or perlite and one part of coconut coir.

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