21 Butterfly House Ideas for the Garden

Last Updated: 16.02.2024
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We’ve got Butterfly House Ideas for the Garden that will look pretty and invite them to your home. They’re easy to make, too!

Butterflies are vital pollinators that keep your garden plants healthy and the lawn ecosystem balanced. If you want to attract them – these ideas will help!

Butterfly House Ideas for the Garden

1. Simple Butterfly Home

Simple Butterfly Home Butterfly House Ideas for the Garden

Did you know you could make a butterfly house using a jar, chalk paint, and wire? Check out this DIY to learn how.

2. Wooden House for Butterflies

Wooden House for Butterflies in the Garden

Wooden butterfly houses are more reliable and durable. They can be made with nails, a hammer, and some scrap wood. Here’s the DIY.

3. Hanging Butterfly House

Hanging Butterfly House on the tree in garden

If you don’t have a dedicated space to keep a butterfly house, you should turn it into a hanger and hang it from a tree on your lawn.

4. DIY Butterfly House

DIY Butterfly House in the garden

Your garden will soon be a playground for lovely butterflies of all colors if you make this DIY house for them.

5. Box House for Butterflies

Box House for Butterflies

Even a simple wooden box with a hut-like roof can make a wonderful home for butterflies. Learn how to make it here.

6. Cheap Butterfly House

Cheap Butterfly House in the garden

How to build a butterfly house the easy way? Take some wood, clamp it together using nails, and give it a good paint job. Just like this DIY.

7. DIY Butterfly Shelter

DIY Butterfly Shelter House for Butterflies in the Garden

Always make a closed home because butterflies don’t like open spaces. Just make long slits so they can get inside. DIY here.

8. Scrap Wood Butterfly House

Scrap Wood Butterfly House

Have some wood around the house that you don’t use? Why not use it for this beautiful butterfly house? Watch how to make it here.

9. Butterfly House Idea

Butterfly House Idea in garden

If you love colorful butterflies in the garden, we’ve got the best butterfly house you can make. DIY here.

10. Simple Butterfly House

Simple Butterfly House

Here’s a simple DIY idea you can follow for a sleek and modern butterfly house. It’s easy to follow too.

11. Butterfly House with Feeder

Butterfly House with Feeder for Butterflies in the Garden

You can also add a feeder to make it more inviting for butterflies, even bees. Check out the DIY here.

12. 5-Step Butterfly House DIY

5-Step Butterfly House DIY

Did you know you can create this one in just 5 simple steps? Follow this quick and easy guide.

13. Butterfly Enclosure with Plants

Butterfly Enclosure with Plants in the wall

Check out this lovely butterfly enclosure you can hang in your garden or on any wall. You can add plants to attract butterflies, too.

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14. Butterfly House Craft

Butterfly House Craft or Butterflies in the Garden

If you’re looking to invite butterflies to your garden, this butterfly house craft is your best bet.

15. Recycled Butterfly House Idea

Recycled Butterfly House Idea

Don’t throw away old birdhouses. You can turn them into pretty butterfly houses with some fixing and paint. Here’s how.

16. Painted Butterfly House

Painted Butterfly House for Butterflies in the Garden

You can paint your butterfly house any color you like to attract butterflies. Bright colors, such as yellow, orange, and pink, are especially attractive to butterflies.

17. Butterfly Barn with Gift Box

Butterfly Barn with Gift Box on the tree stem

Use an old gift box and turn it into a beautiful butterfly barn where they can rest and have some food. Check out the idea here.

18. Butterfly House Design

Butterfly House Design for Butterflies in the Garden

You can pick any butterfly house you like, but remember – butterflies love the sun, so place your butterfly house in a sunny location. We found the idea here.

19. Butterfly Townhouse

Butterfly Townhouse for Butterflies in the Garden

If the butterfly house brings many butterflies, you can create a small townhouse with many of these in different colors.

20. Butterfly Lodge Idea

Butterfly Lodge Idea

Take some time and build a lodge for the butterflies – it’ll also be a nice decor piece for your lawn.

21. Butterfly House with a Bow

Butterfly House with a Bow for Butterflies

Don’t skip on the accessories. You can add a bow to the house to make it more attractive. Butterflies love vibrant colors, so red is a must.

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