Best Plants to Grow with Sweet Potato Vine in India

Last Updated: 20.12.2023
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Have a look at the Best Plants to Grow with Sweet Potato Vine in India and grow Shakarkandi in delightful plant combos for your container garden!

Best Plants to Grow with Sweet Potato Vine

When you grow certain plants together, they help each other grow the right way, promoting the overall health and yield. Let’s have a look at the Best Plants to Grow with Sweet Potato Vine in India.

Here are the best companion plants for succulents 

How Companion Planting Helps

  • Maximum utility of a small garden or container space
  • Keeping the pests and diseases at bay
  • Improving the nitrogen fixation in the soil
  • Helping in healthy growth and offering support to vining plants

Best Plants to Grow with Sweet Potato Vine

Roots Vegetables

  • Radish

Though the radishes occupy the garden space more vigorously, this companion friend acts as a guardian plant for the sweet potatoes, as it deters the harmful flea beetles from the surroundings.

  • Garlic

The pungent smell of garlic is enough to deter the pests away, hence growing it near sweet potatoes keeps the plant safe from pest attacks. Moreover, garlic also acts as a fungicide by treating diseases like late blight caused by fungus.

  • Horseradish

This hot flavored root vegetable is popular for repelling various pests including potato beetles, whiteflies, bugs, aphids, as well as caterpillars, thanks to the compound known as allyl isothiocyanate present in it.

  • Potato

Though sweet potato and potatoes both are root vegetables but belong to different families. They also differ in terms of taste and culinary uses. Still, both are considered to be great companions for each other, as they both complement each other.

Other Vegetables

Best Plants to Grow with Sweet Potato Vine 2

  • Bush and Pole Beans

The advantage of growing beans with sweet potatoes is that they enrich the soil with nitrogen that helps in enhancing the overall yield of the sweet potatoes.

  • Peas

Peas play a vital role in fixing the nitrogen in the soil, thus aiding in the growth of sweet potatoes. Besides, peas also provide shade to the potatoes.

  • Spinach

Spinach works as a good ground cover around the sweet potatoes that aids in preventing the water loss from the soil and also keep the weeds at bay, hence helping the Shakarkandi to thrive well.


  • Basil

Basil plant keeps pests like flies and hornworms at bay that may damage the sweet potato plants.

  • Thyme

Thyme attracts hoverflies that keep the aphids at bay. Hence, planting the thyme keeps the sweet potatoes safe from pests.

  • Yarrow

This perennial herb is a great companion for many plants, as it helps in attracting some beneficial and helpful insects that help the plant in optimal growth.

Flowering Plants

Best Plants to Grow with Sweet Potato Vine 3

  • Nasturtium

This flowering plant repels potato beetles. Its flowers appear in lovely shades of yellow, and red, and are also edible.

  • Marigold

Yellow to orange flowers adds a burst of colors and fragrance to the gardens and also deter pests like nematodes away from their surroundings.

  • Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum not only forms an icy carpet of white flowers but also attract pollinators.

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