Best Plant Nursery in Tumakuru

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

There are about 4 Plant Nursery in the Tumkur district of Karnataka. This article tries to list the Best Plant Nursery in Tumakuru.

These plant nursery in Tumakuru have a usual opening time from 9 AM to 6 PM. These nurseries not only provide a wide range of  Medicinal & Indoor Plants, Ornamentals, Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs for sale but also offers a variety of other services like, provide lawn care, maintenance, and landscaping services in the city as well.

The city of Tumkur is the second-largest district in the state of Karnataka. It is an industrially advance area and with Industries comes a lot of waste and pollution. The air quality of the city has fallen significantly and the best that can be done at present is planting more trees. Planting more and more trees around can instantly help you purify the air around.

Out of all, we’ve selected 3 Plant Nursery in Tumakuru in this post, keeping in mind their reviews, availability of plants, reasonable price, and staff behavior. You can click on nurseriesnames to find out their address, opening time, and contact details. To search for any other plant nurseries in Tumakuru, Click Here.

1. Navami Hi-Tech Nursery

top Plant Nursery in TumakuruSpecialties

  • A huge collection of plants
  • Flower Seeds
  • Vegetable Seeds

2. Honnadevi Sasyakashi Nursery

Best Plant Nursery in TumakuruSpecialties

  • Open 24 Hours
  • Good seedlings available here
  • Vegetable Plants

3. AHN Hi-Tech Nursery

Plant Nursery in TumakuruSpecialties

  • Indoor and Outdoor Plants
  • Fruit Plants
  • Pots

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