9 Best Plant Nursery In Pune

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

The cultural capital of Maharashtra has 50+ plant houses. Read on to know about some of the Best Plant Nurseries In Pune.

These nurseries may offer various gardening services like lawn care, garden irrigation, maintenance, and landscaping services in the city, in addition to providing plants on sale. Here you will find varieties of  Medicinal & Indoor/Outdoor Plants, Ornamentals, Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs.

The nurseries listed here have been selected based on their popularity, reviews, availability of plants, prices, and staff’s behaviors. Some nurseries also take online orders.  You can click on NurseriesName to find out their address, opening time, and contact details. To search for any other plant nursery in Pune, click here.

1. Jagtap Nursery’s Garden Center

Best plant nursery in puneSpecialties

  • A huge collection of Indoor and Outdoor Plants
  • Online Orders
  • Garden Irrigation Service
  • Garden Tools and Accessories
  • Soil and Potting Media

2. Gurupreet Nursery


  • Flowering Plants
  • Podium Garden
  • Indoor Plants
  • Vertical Garden
  • Garden Maintenance and Development

3. Vrindavan Nursery

top plant nursery in puneSpecialties

  • Plants available at cheaper rates
  • Various Fertilizers
  • Garden Landscape Contractors

4. Sairaj Nursery


  • Ornamental Landscape Services
  • Garden Maintenance Services
  • Lots of Varieties of Plants and Climbers
  • Lawn Supplier

5. N K U Agro Nursery


  • Home, Terrace, and Office Plants are available
  • Wide Variety of Plants

6. Trimurti Nursery

pune plant nurserySpecialties

  • Paspo Lawn, Taiwan Lawn, American Lawn Services
  • Garden Maintenance Services/Plantation Solution
  • Road Side Plants are available
  • Decorative Indoor Plants

7. Nursery Live Nursery 

plant nursery in puneSpecialties

  • Exotic Flower Bulbs
  • Miniature Garden
  • Air Purifying Plants
  • All types of Seeds are available
  • Buy Plants, Pots, Pebbles Online
  • All India Delivery

8. Magarpatta Nursery


  • Plants available at low prices
  • All kinds of Bonsai Plants
  • Medicinal Plants

9. Pushpalaxmi Rose Nursery


  • Best Collection of Rose Plants
  • Decorative Pots, Garden Stands
  • Fertilizers and Plant Food
  • Garden Accessories and Tools

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