Best Plant Nursery in Jamshedpur

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Here are some of the best Best Plant Nursery in Jamshedpur that you can visit anytime! They have all the popular varieties and more!

Jamshedpur is a town situated in the Jharkhand state of India. The city holds a lot of significance as it was founded by Jamsetji Tata, who is the founder of the Tata Group in India. Although the town was ranked as the 7th cleanest city in India, it still lags behind when it comes to the air quality index. The least that can be done to improve the air quality of the city, is by planting more and more trees.  The city is also home to the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary and to ensure the area stays green, we should all come forward and play our respective roles in keeping the city full of plants. To help you all in the quest, we have made a list of Best Plant Nursery in Jamshedpur.

There is about 3 Plant Nursery in Jamshedpur. The usual opening time is 8 AM to 6 PM. These nurseries not only offer plants for sale but provide lawn care, maintenance, and landscaping services in the city as well.

Out of all, we’ve selected nurseries in this post, keeping in mind their reviews, availability of plants, reasonable price, and staff behavior. You can click on Nurseries’ Name to find out their address, opening time, and contact details. To search for any other plant nursery in Jamshedpur, click here.

Best Plant Nursery in Jamshedpur

1. Jusco Nursery

Best Plant Nursery in JamshedpurSpecialties

  • Annual Flowers,
  • Aquatic, Aromatic, Indoor Plants
  • Cactus, Ferns
  • Bamboo Plants
  • Garden Landscape Services

2. Sen Nursery


  • Garden Accessories
  • Good Vegetables and Flowers Plant Available
  • Plants Available at Cheapest Price
  • Seeds

3. Plaza Nursery and Landscape

Best Plant Nursery in Jamshedpur to buy plants fromSpecialties

  • Wide Range of Indoor Plants
  • Exotic Plants
  • Flower Plants
  • Medicinal Plants
  • Garden Landscape and Maintenance Services

Check out more plant nurseries in Jamshedpur here.

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