10 Best Jammu and Kashmir Flowers

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Here’s a list of the Best Jammu & Kashmir Flowers that are native to the Paradise of Earth! Pick the most beautiful one out to grow in your garden!

Do you know about the Best Jammu & Kashmir Flowers that you can actually grow in your garden? The blossoms on this list are surely going to amaze you!

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Jammu & Kashmiri Flowers

The Northern region of India is bestowed with various terrains like lakes, mountains, and hills covered, which makes it home to various species of flowers and trees. More than a thousand beautiful flowery plants are found in the region, which adds to the sparkle of the place and attracts travelers.

Best Jammu and Kashmir Flowers

1. Hyacinths – Sumbhal

Best Jammu and Kashmir Flowers

Hyacinths are popular because of their fragrance and bulbs, which makes them stand out from the other flowers. The cold atmosphere of the Jammu and Kashmir region serves perfect for their cultivation.

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2. Narcissus – Yemberzal and Nargis


The flower has white and yellow petals with a mesmerizing fragrance. It is native to the snowy valleys of Kashmir and is also a symbol of good health & prosperity.

3. Periwinkle – Sadabahaar

Best Jammu and Kashmir Flowers 2

A great groundcover, periwinkle showcases star-shaped blossoms. It comes in purple, blue, or white hues and also has many health benefits.

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4. Kashmiri Rose – Kashmiri Gulaab


Kashmiri Rose is one of the most famous flowers belonging to the Rosaceae family. If you have a sunny spot in the garden, then you can grow this Jammu and Kashmir native easily!

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5. Kashmir Iris – Safed Mazarmond

Best Jammu and Kashmir Flowers 6

Kashmir Iris has a bright white-blue color and is quite a common sight in the northern valleys. It is a small plant prized in both horticulture and floriculture.

6. Jasmine – Hee Posh

One of the most fragrant flowers on this list and is mainly used for making attar. This specimen is also considered as the queen of flowers by the natives.  It is one of the Best Jammu and Kashmir Flowers you can grow!

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7. Marigold – Jaffer

Best Jammu and Kashmir Flowers 99

Marigold is probably the easiest to cultivate as long as it gets full sunlight. The flower is widely used in decorations & is considered a religious symbol in many religions.

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8. Sunflower – Gule Aftab / Gule Akhtab

shutterstock/Arkhipenko Olga

The geographical conditions of Jammu and Kashmir serve the best for the growth of sunflowers. It looks quite stunning with its tall flower spikes.

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9. Belladonna – Sagangur

Best Jammu and Kashmir Flowers 12
shutterstock/Ksenia Lada

Belladonna flowers are native to the Gilgat area of Jammu and Kashmir. They also have medicinal properties and their roots and leaves are popular as sedatives.

10. Himalayan Indigo – Kshudrakshupabhedaha / Kanhchu


Himalayan Indigo is native to the Himalayan ranges, Afghanistan & Jammu, and Kashmir. It grows up to 3-4 feet tall and flowers in shades of pink to rose.

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