7 Benefits of Pothos | Advantages of Growing Pothos

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Money plant is quite famous and looks great with its dangling foliage! It also has some advantages too! Check out the amazing Benefits of Pothos!

Benefits of Pothos

Epipremnum aureum, commonly known as ‘Money Plant’ in India, has several other advantages besides being an easy houseplant! Check out the fantastic Benefits of Pothos here!

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Benefits of Pothos

1. Easy to Maintain and Plant

Pothos is abundantly available all around India and planting it isn’t a hassle either! If you want to buy it directly from a nursery, you can get it for a very affordable price. As it is also very easy to grow from cuttings, you can snip one from your friend’s plant and have it for free at your home!

2. Can Grow Without Soil

Pothos lives well in water too. Just take 6 to 12 inches of cutting from a healthy plant and remove all the lower leaves. Place it in a vase of water and you’re done! The cutting will form roots within few weeks and then you can either keep it in water or transfer it into a pot.

3. Can Prosper in Zero Light

Pothos will prosper under sunlight, on a windowsill, and even if kept in practically zero light. There might be slight changes in the color and density of its foliage, but the plant will prosper under any light conditions!

4. It has Calming Effects

Benefits of Pothos 2

A detailed study was conducted on Japanese men where they were told to touch the leaves of the golden pothos plant. It was found that the plant was able to induce calming and peaceful effect on the mind. Have a look at the study here.

5. Natural Air Purifier

According to a NASA study, Pothos is one of those plants that are great at removing indoor air pollutants. It is excellent at clearing out formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide from the surrounding air. Because of this quality of Pothos, it is good to place it in entryways, windows, and garages where car exhaust fumes can be present.

6. Quite Decorative


Even though it is such a low-maintenance plant, Pothos never fails to impress the eye. You can grow as trailing/climbing vine or hang in a pot; its beautiful waxy leaves and evergreen vines make any corner look pleasant.

Moreover, Pothos is an avid climber and it can fully cover any area with its foliage in no time, which makes it a great plant for creating a green wall.

7. Has Paramount Significance in Vastu Shastra

As per Vastu Shastra, it is highly beneficial to have Pothos in your home. It brings an element of peace and serenity to the house. Nonetheless, it is also popular

to attract wealth, hence the name “Money Plant”.

According to Vastu, Pothos should be kept indoors in the southeast direction of a living room/hall. In Vastu, southeast is owned by Lord Ganesha and the planet Venus. Ganesha is believed to remove bad luck and Venus to increase wealth. Hence keeping a Pothos in this direction brings prosperity and fortune to the house.

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  1. Wow. What a well written article. I was never into gardening and I certainly didn’t know that a money plant has so many benefits. I’m definitely gonna keep one now.


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