Banana Names in Different Indian Languages

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Did you know that banana is famous by numerous names? Find out Banana Names in Different Indian Languages and some famous banana recipes!

Banana Names in Different Indian Languages

Bananas are a storehouse of potassium, pectin, and a high amount of fiber, and hence they are considered a complete food. This makes bananas one of the most consumed fruits around the world! Read this article to find out Banana Names in Different Indian Languages and Famous Banana Recipes in India!

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Banana Names in Different Indian Languages

  • Banana Name in Hindi- Kela
  • Banana Name in Bengali- Kollaa
  • Banana Name in Gujarati- Kela, Keda
  • Banana Name in Malayalam- Pazham, Vazha Pazham
  • Banana Name in Marathi- Kela, Kel
  • Banana Name in Oriya- Champa Kadali, Kadali
  • Banana Name in Kannada- Bale Hannu
  • Banana Name in Konkani- Kellin
  • Banana Name in Punjabi- Kella, Kela
  • Banana Name in Tamil- Vazhaikkai, Vazha Pazham
  • Banana Name in Telugu- Arati Pandu

Famous Banana Recipes in India

  • Kele ki Sabji– Kele ki Sabji is cooked and consumed all over India. It is made of ripe bananas that are cut into small pieces, fried lightly with mustard, and mixed with a lot of spices. This savory dish is best served with Rotis.
  • Kolar Bora- Kolar Bora is a famous Bengali recipe. It is prepared with a batter of overripe bananas, coconut, fennel seeds, baking powder, and a pinch of salt in maida. It is fried and consumed as a snack.
  • Kela Methi nu Shaak- This Gujarati dish is a mixture of sweet bananas and bitter methi.
  • Oondhiya- Oondhiya is a Gujarati recipe that is a flavorsome mixed vegetable Shaak.
  • Bhatia Kadhi- This recipe is a combination of bananas and curd. It is a great way of leveling up normal Kadhi.
  • Banana Methi Thepla- In this recipe, mashed bananas are added to normal Thepla dough to make special banana-flavored Theplas.
  • Puttu- Puttu is a traditional South Indian dish that is prepared with rice and coconut, and served with sliced bananas.
  • Pongal Kootu- Pongal Kootu is a famous Makar Sankranti dish that consists of a mixed vegetable curry prepared with tamarind and bananas.
  • Kela Chips- Kela chips are very crispy, wafer-thin, and full of spices. They originated in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and are quite famous around the world.
  • Banana Dosa and Uttapas- Banana Dosa and Uttapas are famous South Indian recipes that are best served with butter and chutney.
  • Mangalore Buns- This is a special Udupi recipe in which banana is added to the regular dough and baked into a fluffy snack.
  • Banana Sheera- Banana Sheera is a great banana dessert. It consists of the regular sooji halwa, mixed with bananas and dry fruits. Moreover, it is mostly prepared for ceremonies.

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