Areca Palm Propagation | How to Grow Areca Palm

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Want a tropical-looking plant for your home or garden? Here’s everything you need to know about Areca Palm Propagation in an easy way!

Areca Palm Propagation

Green fronds of the Areca palm can enhance the appeal of any boring corner. This indoor houseplant not only brightens up the interior, but also cleanses the surrounding air by absorbing toxic elements like xylene, formaldehyde, and toluene. You can easily grow it using these Areca Palm Propagation tips!

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Areca Palm Propagation

From Seeds

Purchase the seeds from a local seed supplier or nursery and soak them in lukewarm water overnight. It will help in making the outer layer soft, increasing the chances of germination.

Now, fill a container with standard potting mix and sow the seeds one inch deep. Water the pot regularly and keep it in the bright but indirect sunlight. The seeds will germinate within 4-6 weeks.

From Division

The plant produces clumps of yellow offshoots at the base. For growing a new plant from these offshoots, take the plant along with the rootball out of the pot.

Now, snip off the offshoots from the rootball using a sheer, keeping its roots intact. You can then directly plant them in a pot or garden after putting them in lukewarm water for an hour.

Areca Palm Growing Requirements

Areca Palm Propagation 2


Areca palm appreciates bright and indirect sunlight. You can keep it at the south-east window indoors. Avoid keeping it in direct sunlight for long, as it will burn its leaves.


It prefers well-draining and lightly moistened soil for optimal growth. The best potting soil for areca palm is a peat-based potting mix. You can DIY it by mixing 40% garden soil, with 20% cocopeat, compost, and sand each.


Do not overwater the plant. Check the moisture level by poking a finger a few inches deep, and then water it deeply if feels dry. Make sure to let the soil dry out before the next watering.

Areca Palm Plant Care


Prune off yellow leaves from the plant. You can also give it a light trimming to maintain its size and it also helps to increases the life span.


Areca palm repotting should be done every 2-3 years during spring as the root clumps at the base fill up the container. Also, use fresh potting soil for the repotting and go for one size large pot from the previous one.


You can use a water-soluble fertilizer, diluted half to its strength, twice during the growing months. Avoid fertilizing the plant in winters.  Also, make sure not to over-fertilize the areca palm as it will turn its foliage yellow.

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