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Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Searching for some popular varieties of Aloe to grow in homes and gardens? This exclusive list has all the popular Aloe Types in India!

What is an Aloe?

Aloe grows in tropical, semi-tropical, and arid climatic regions. Most of the varieties have green fleshy leaves with serrated borders, and some have colorful blotches and stripes on the surface of the leaves as well. Let’s have a look at the available Aloe Types in India!

Botanical Name- Aloe barbadensis miller

Types of Aloe in India

Although the most common variety of aloe found in India is Aloe Barbadensis, yet there are other varieties as well that you can grow in your garden or indoors.

1.  Snake Aloe

Aloe Vera Types in India

Botanical name: Aloe broomii

Growing up to 4-5 feet tall, this short stem aloe has a thick rosette of green fleshy leaves. Its edges are covered with dark-red thrones. Also, its inflorescence is covered in the bracts giving this aloe a snake-like appearance.

2. Sunset Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe dorotheae

Its rosette is pale green under the shade, but as you will keep them in the full sun, they will surprisingly turn into a red color! This aloe is scalloped with white flecks and thorns at the brim, giving it a stunning visual.

3. Short Leaf Aloe

Aloe Vera Types in India 2

Botanical name: Aloe brevifolia

This aloe is a low-growing variety with a serrated border. It can be a great addition to a garden while dwelling in pots and rockeries. Exhibiting a stunning array of colors, it maintains blue-green color in the shade and turns into a rosy brown color in full sun.

4. Zebra Aloe/ Soap Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe saponaria/Aloe maculata

The sap of its leaves has unharming brown teeth, which can be used as a substitute for soap. Furthermore, the main attraction of this aloe is not just its fleshy leaves, but tall stemmed red-yellow flowers, that emerge during summers.

5. Tiger Aloe/ Aloe Variegata

Aloe Vera Types in India 3

Botanical name: Gonialoe variegata

The waxy and fleshy leaves of the tiger aloe are covered with the white-green blotches that resemble the stripes of the tiger. Its charm increases even more during spring when pink, orange-hued flowers appear on its purple stems.

6. Bitter/ Cape Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe Ferox

The thick and triangular leaves of this aloe, arranged in a dense rosette, are marked with red-orange spines. Its beauty elevates further with the flowering of red-orange inflorescence that stands 2-4 feet above the leaves.

7. Aloe Vera/ Ghritkumari

Aloe Vera Types in India 4

Botanical name: Aloe Barbadensis

Popular for its medicinal properties and easy maintenance nature, this aloe is the most common variety and can be seen in most houses, as an indoor potted plant. Its gray-green leaves have jagged margins, with white flecks at its lower and upper surface.

8. Red Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe cameronii

As the name suggests, Red Aloe has apple-green leaves under filter sunlight that eventually turn into coppery-red during summer.  Its flower in orange-red shade from winter to spring and invites many nectar loving bees and birds around it.

9. Spiral Aloe

Aloe Vera Types in India 5

Botanical name: Aloe Polyphylla

The green leaves of this aloe are in a spiral shape, giving it an extraordinary look. At the beginning of summer, orange or yellow flowers emerge at the top of its spiral.

10. Carmine Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe ‘carmine’

Orange and serrated border running across the edges of this aloe makes it stand out from the rest. Its jelly-like leaves have a knobby texture white patches. This hybrid variety is also drought-tolerant.

11. Lace Aloe/ Torch Aloe

Aloe Vera Types in India 6

Botanical name: Aloe Aristata

The color of this lace aloe is pale yellow at a shady spot, but under the influence of bright sunlight, it becomes dark green. Its lance-shaped leaves are wrapped with irregular white dots. The red-orange blossoms, in winter, complements well with its green leaves.

12. Aloe Caesia

Botanical name: Aloe x principis

This hybrid aloe, accentuated with blue-green leaves on its trunk, is beautifully enclosed with copper-red and spiky margins. This perennial succulent looks more striking when it blossoms showy flowers of dark red shade.

13. Somalian Aloe

Aloe Vera Types in India 7

Botanical name: Aloe somaliensis

Displaying a multitude of colors on the same leaves makes this aloe exceptionally striking.  Also, the pink-brown spines at the border of leaves appear like a vibrant sawtooth layout.

14. Aloe Descoingsii

Botanical name: Aloe Descoingsii

Dull green color, ovate shape, tapered ends, serrated edges and small spines on the surface, are the features of this aloe variety. This stemless succulent produces deep red and yellow flowers from spring to summer.

15. Fan Aloe

Aloe Vera Types in India 8

Botanical name: Aloe plicatilis

Unlike other aloe varieties, this aloe has fan-like, thin and long leaves, with orange tips at the ends. Flowering orange-red blossoms from winter to spring, it can be a charming addition to raised planters or rock gardens!

16. Tiger Tooth Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe juvenna

Native to Kenya, this variety exhibits its best form at a bright spot. The clumps of this aloe are dense and tightly packed. Moreover, the creamy-white markings in pair, with lightly jagged edges, enhance its look further!

17. Coral Aloe

Aloe Vera Types in India 9

Botanical name: Aloe Striata

Its gray-green leaves turn pink under the bright sun, whereas a shady spot will make the plant go blue! This broad leave aloe glorifies its look by producing coral-orange flowers in winter and spring.

18. Cape Speckled Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe microstigma

The turquoise leaves of cape speckle turn red-purple in the full sun or under the water stress. This evergreen and perennial aloe variety can reach up to 3-5 feet tall. Its leaves have tiny fleckings and thorns, which pair well with its tubular reddish flowers.

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Benefits and Uses of Aloe Vera

Below are some proven health benefits of including Aloe Vera in your daily routine.

  • Aloe gel provides relief from heartburn and related digestive health problems.
  • Extract from Aloe Vera leaves works as an excellent mouthwash and good for oral dental care.
  • Coating fruits and vegetables with Aloe vera gel help in increasing the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
  • According to this study, Aloe Vera juice is effective in reducing blood sugar levels and controlling Diabetes.
  • Aloe Vera juice is a natural moisturizer and hydrates and nourishes your skin.

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