15 Best Flowering Plants of Kerala

Kerala is rich in cultural and natural vegetation. It is known for its healthy and nutritious soil. Here are the 15 Best Flowering Plants of Kerala.

Kerala is known for its beauty and natural habitat. The place has a good monsoon and tropical climate, so almost all flowering plants grow in Kerala. Also, it is one of the most beautiful places that encourage healthy flowering plants. Following are some of the best flowering plants of Kerala that are popular for their beauty.

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15 Best Flowering Plants of Kerala

1. Ambal


Botanical Name: Nymphaea nouchali

The plant is also named water lily and star Lotus. They are aquatic plants and grow in still and slow-moving water, with roots submerged in water and leaves and flowers growing above water. They bloom in a variety of colors and look stunning.

2. Arali


Botanical Name: Nerium indicum

It is a popular shrub and is found in almost all houses. It is lovely and blooms in beautiful colors. They grow as herbs, shrubs, trees, and even as climbers. They are one of the best flowering plants in Kerala.

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3. Ashokam


Botanical Name: Saraca ashoca

This flowering plant is a holy tree for Indians. The foliage and flowers are extensively used in the preparations of Ayurvedic medicines. Ashoka plant bears beautiful scarlet-colored flowers in all seasons and is widely grown in front of Indian houses.

4. Chempakam


Botanical Name: Michelia chempaca

These are one of the best flowering plants in Kerala and are used as room fresheners because of their high fragrance. They grow both as shrubs and trees.

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5. Chemparuthi

Dalat Hasfarm

Botanical Name: Hibiscus rosasinensis

This flowering plant is also known as Hibiscus. It has sepals, petals, and a stalk. The flower is trendy and available in different colors. It has good medicinal value and is quickly grown in Kerala.

6. Kashithetti or Periwinkle



Botanical Name: Catharanthus roseus (Vinca rosea)

These are yet another best flowering plants of Kerala that bear white or pink flowers in all seasons. Leaves are small, simple, and green; fruits pair follicles (2 to 4 cm long). They look stunning when mature.

7. Kanakambaram or Fire Cracker Plant


Botanical Name: Crossandra infundibuliformis

These flowering plants are also called firecracker plants. They are one of the best flowering plants in Kerala because of their bright-colored flowers. These shrubs burst when placed in water and so are named firecracker plants.

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8. Kanikkonna


Botanical Name: Cassia fistula

It is also called the golden shower tree. The flower color is golden yellow and is called the official flower of Kerala. They generally bloom from April – May and look gorgeous. It is used during the Kerala festival.

9. Mandaram



Botanical Name: Bauhinia acuminate

This plant is called White Bauhinia, which can grow to a height of only 2 meters. The flower is beautiful due to its white color and flowers every season. With its flowers and leaf, this plant looks like a camel foot, so it got another name, also called the camel foot plant.

10. Mulla or Jasmine

Florizenia -Terrace Gardening

Botanical Name: Jasminum grandiflorum

This is one of the best flowering plants of Kerala, known for its aroma and white, five-petalled flowers with tubular stalks. The leaves are generally simple and dark green. Jasmine is a favorite flower of Indians and is found easily in Kerala.

11. Nandiaryattom or Crepe Jasmine


Botanical Name: Tabeamaemontana diverticata

This is one of the best flowering plants in Kerala and blooms in white. They produce white fragrant flowers throughout the year; leaves are simple and dark green; fruits rarely make; propagation is done mainly through stem cuttings. They are primarily used in temples for doing prayers in the city.

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12. Rajamalli


Botanical Name: Caesalpinia pulcherrima

The plant is a spiny shrub and is a garden plant for its beautiful inflorescence with yellow and reddish flowers. The leaves are compounded with numerous leaflets and look amazing when mature. It grows upto 4 meters in height.

13. Sankhu Pushpam or Butterfly Pea


Botanical Name: Clitoria ternatea

This flower is gorgeous because of its blue and white-mix of petals. Leaves are green pinnately compounds and have many medicinal values. The name came from the shape of the flower looks like a shell and is a climber plant.

14. Thetti or Jungle Geranium


Botanical Name: Ixora coccinia

These are one of the best flowering plants in Kerala, and the flowers are very dark red and yellow. They have good medicinal values and are used in certain ayurvedic medicines. It is considered a sacred flower used in the temple for rituals.

15. Thulasi or Basil Plant

Botanical Name: Ocimum sanctum

Thulasi, or Basil Plant, is one of the most famous herbs with small aromatic simple leaves. It is also used as herbal tea and is known for its medicinal uses. , used in many medicines. The leaves are green or purple, depending on the variety. They are one of the best flowering plants in Kerala.

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