Where to Buy Succulents in Delhi

Last Updated: 02.01.2024
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Are you looking to buy succulents in the capital? This article is going to help you with all your queries related to Where to buy Succulents in Delhi!

Introduction to Succulents

Where to buy Succulents in Delhi

Native to drought and arid regions,succulent have fleshy stems and leaves, which they use to retain water for a longer period of time. The craze for these beauties is increasing day by day, thanks to their low-maintenance and truly forgiving nature. The reason behind their rising popularity is the vast range of shapes, sizes, and colors they’re available in! If you are someone who is also looking to buy them then here is everything you need to know on Where to buy Succulents in Delhi!

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Succulent Plants in Delhi

If you are inclined towards purchasing succulents in the capital of India, you have numerous options from where you can buy them. You can shop from any local nurseries as per your convenience, but most of them are susceptible to limited choices. Hence, surfing them online churns out more options. There are various e-commerce portals available that sell succulents in Delhi. After analyzing various ratings, we have sorted some portals that provide on door delivery of succulents!

Below is a list of those reliable online portals that you should check out to see their collection and prices.

1. Mashrita

Special Features

  • Great collection.
  • Reasonable price.

2. Happy Planting

Special Features

  • Delivery in ceramic pots.
  • Glamorous packing! Suitable for gifting.

3. Green Decor

Special Features

  • Reliable delivery.
  • Good collection.
  • Easy returns and fast delivery.

4. India Mart

Special Features

  • Reliable portal.

5. Nursery Live

Special Features

  • Many choices.
  • Customer chat support available.

6. My Bageecha

Special Features

  • On-time delivery.
  • Combo succulent packs are available.
  • Unique Collection at a reasonable price.

7. Plantae Paradise

Special Features

  • Order tracking option.
  • A vast collection of succulents and cacti.

Some Local Nurseries that You can Ponder

1. Plantori

2. Evergreen Nursery

3. Rajdhani Nursery

4. Akash Farm and Nursery

5. Sangeet Nursery

Points to Remember

Where to buy Succulents in Delhi 2

  • After unboxing, check if the plant is in a healthy condition or not, by observing its leaves and roots. For example, if the root look black and leaves are droopy or yellowing, these are the sign of unhealthy succulent.
  • Do not put the plant in full sun just after opening, because these were sheltered away from the sunlight for a long time.
  • Introduce them to the sunlight gradually. Initially, keep them in shade for some days, then move to filtered sunlight so that they can slowly adjust themselves to the light.
  • If you have ordered bare-root succulent plants, then pot them in a cactus mix soil container.

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