Verbena Flower Season in India

Last Updated: 15.02.2024
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With our Verbena Flower Season in India guide, you can plant these blooms accordingly and enjoy their colors for a long time!

Verbena Flower Season in India

What’s the Verbena Flower Season in India – if you too have this question in mind, we have all the right information related to it!

Verbena Flower Information

Verbena is found in many regions across India and belongs to the Verbenaceae family, which has over 2000 species. These flowers come from South America and have beautiful clusters of small blooms that have 5 petals. They’re found in pink, red, blue, white, and purple colors and reach a height of 2-4 feet easily.

Its blossoms are a magnet for butterflies and bees and are known for their drought tolerance – they’ll survive if you forget to water them properly. Verbenas also have a long flowering season.

Botanical Name: Verbena officinalis

Common Names: Vervain, Ironwort, Holy Herb, Simpler’s Joy, Mosquito Plant.

Verbena Flower Season in India

Verbena Flower in garden bed

Verbena’s flowering season depends upon the specific cultivar you’re growing and the local climate.

They bloom from October to March in the cooler winter months in most parts of India. In the Southern regions, Verbena flowering season sometimes extends to April. 

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Common Verbena Species Flowering Seasons

Verbena Flower in garden bed

Here are the most widely grown Verbena varieties and when they bloom in the country.

  • Verbena officinalis (Common verbena): Blooms mainly in late autumn and winter (November to February).
  • Verbena bonariensis: Starts blooming in late summer (August) and continues till early winter (December).
  • Verbena x hybrida: Known for its extended blooming season, lasting from early autumn (September) to late spring (April) in certain regions.

How to Grow Verbena Flowers?

You can easily grow Verbenas from cuttings or seeds. Grow it in summer – it’s the best Verbena flower planting season. Just snip healthy 4-6 inch cuttings that have no flowers, remove their lower leaves, and then plant these in moist soil.

Keep it warm in bright light (not direct sunlight), and in 4-5 weeks, the roots will emerge, and it will start growing as a new plant.

Requirements to Grow Verbena Flowers

Requirements to Grow Verbena Flowers


Verbena loves the full sun and needs 6-7 hours of bright light every day. It can also tolerate partial shade but then it will give lesser flowers.


You need well-drained soil, so root rot does not occur in the monsoon season. Just take your regular garden soil in a small pot, add a handful of coco peat and cow dung manure (गोबर खाद) to it, and mix these well.


Verbenas need good watering during the initial growth. Keep the soil soggy but don’t overwater the plant. During the cooler months, reduce watering. Just check the top inch of the soil before watering. If it feels wet, don’t water it.

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Verbena Flower Care

Verbena Flower Care,pruning


Verbena flowers will stay healthy and happy if you fertilize them properly. Don’t use fresh cow dung – just take some that’s 10-12 days old and add 2-4 handfuls of it to the pot. Once every 2-3 months is enough.


You should do light pruning to maintain the proper shape of the Verbena plant and remove any dead or diseased branches. Don’t do heavy pruning in the blooming season as it will reduce the flowering.

Pests and Diseases

Verbenas are often attacked by whiteflies, aphids, and mealybugs, but you can use neem oil to take care of these. Also, look out for root rot – just don’t overwater it.

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