11 Different Types of Gourds in India {with Pictures}

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  1. Arijiet Pal says:

    Missed out on ash gourd and chayote.

  2. Arshia says:

    Bade kaam ki jankari hai. Thanks.

  3. Anne says:

    Can someone please tell me the difference between Ash Gourde amd Bottle Gourde?

    I want to buy Ash Gourde powder but it all seems to be Bottle Goirde that is for sale in powder form

    Can you recommend where I can buy this from please
    I live in the UK
    I really need this for my health amd the real fruit is too messy amd time consuming
    Thank you

  4. Ashwini Santosh Wagh says:

    Ridge Guard is also called as Dodka in maharashtra and sponge gaurd as Gilka.

  5. indias chef says:

    bahut bhaddiya content hai thanks for sharing

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