Popular Vegetable Names in Malayalam

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Here are some of the most Popular Vegetable Names in Malayalam, which is also the official language of the Indian state Kerala!

Malayalam is an official language of Kerela, Lakshadweep, and Puducherry and considered a close cousin of Tamil, as both the languages are descended to middle Tamil. So, if you find a keen interest in this language this list of popular Vegetable Names in Malayalam will surely interest you!

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Popular Vegetable Names in Malayalam

1. Celery

Vegetable Names in Malayalam

Malayalam Name: Ayamodakam

Has a peppery undertone. You can use it in salads, soups, and stews.

2. Ladyfinger

Malayalam Name: Vendakka

Cooked with spices as an integral part of the main course.

3. Ash Gourd

Malayalam Name: Kumbalanga

A star ingredient of Sambhar, Avial, and Petha recipes.

4. Shallot

Malayalam Name: Kunjulli

It enhances the flavor of sambhars, lentils, and pickles.

5. Onion

Malayalam Name: Ulli

Can be cooked, added to sandwiches, or served raw as side-dressing with any meal.

6. Spinach

Malayalam Name: Cheera

Most prefer them cooked or as fritters.

7. Ginger

Vegetable Names in Malayalam 2

Malayalam Name: Inji

Has wide uses in tea, confectioneries, and savory dishes.

8. Carrot

Malayalam Name: Carrot / Sheema mullangi

It plays a chief role in a salad, pudding, chutney, and savory dishes.

9. Beetroot

Malayalam Name: Beetroot

Don’t let its earthy taste refrain you from eating it, as its numerous health benefits are must to consider.

10. Potato

Malayalam Name: Urulakizhangu

Potatoes are rich sources of fiber, Vitamin-B6, fiber, and carbohydrate.

11. Tomato

Malayalam Name: Thakkali

They are a crucial ingredient in savory dishes, sauces, etc.

12. Garlic

Malayalam Name: Veluthulli

The pungent flavor of the garlic mellows down upon cooking, while becomes mild and nutty upon roasting.

13. Coriander

Vegetable Names in Malayalam 3

Malayalam Name: Kothamalli

Soups, stews, and vegetable dishes are incomplete without the garnishing of coriander leaves.

14. Fenugreek

Malayalam Name: Uluva

Both, dried leaves or ‘Kasuri methi’ and fresh leaves act as a flavoring agent for pulses and curries.

15. Pumpkin

Malayalam Name: Mathanga

High antioxidants, Vitamin-A, and potassium levels support immunity.

16. Chickpea

Malayalam Name: Vella Kadala

A high level of protein makes it an excellent meat substitute for a vegan diet.

17. Radish

Malayalam Name: Mullangi

The peppery and crispy radish is a great addition to salads but goes well in soups and pickles as well.

18. Capsicum

Malayalam Name: Kuda Mulag

The crunchy capsicum can be eaten raw, or cooked in stir-fries.

19. Lemon

Vegetable Names in Malayalam 4

Malayalam Name: Naranga

The citrusy squeezing of lemon is used as dressing for salads, biryanis, and other vegetable dishes.

20. Chili

Malayalam Name: Mulaku

This condiment imparts desired levels of spiciness to recipes that call for spicy zest.

21. Peas

Malayalam Name: Pachai Pattai

Peas break the monotony of everyday meal, by pairing with almost every other vegetable.

22. Cabbage

Malayalam Name: Muttakoos

Featuring sweet to earthy taste, the grated cabbage is added in the salads or can be cooked as a vegetable.

23. Bitter Gourd

Malayalam Name: Pavakka

Its juice is a boon for diabetic patients, but its distinct flavor is also admired in South Indian style stir-fried.

24. Broad Beans

Malayalam Name: Avarakka

High in fiber, protein, and B-vitamins, broad beans aid in weight loss and building immunity.

25. Bottle Gourd

Vegetable Names in Malayalam 5

Malayalam Name: Churakka

Its potent role in delicacies like ‘Loki halwa’ and ‘Kofta’ make it stand out.

26. Ridge Gourd

Malayalam Name: Peechinga

The spongy flesh and seeds are complemented with spices while stir-frying.

27. Mushroom

Malayalam Name: Koon

Mushrooms are the best replacements for nonvegetarian dishes.

28. Ivy Gourd

Malayalam Name: Kovakka

Featuring anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, Ivy gourd is a staple veggie of India.

29. Drumstick

Malayalam Name: Muringakaa

This immunity elevating vegetable is a star ingredient of soups and curries.

30. Gooseberry

Vegetable Names in Malayalam 6

Malayalam Name: Nellikka

Tasty gooseberries play an important role in pies, murabba, and crumbles preparation.

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