Tips for Growing Jungle Cacti in India

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Do you love pink flowers? Have a look at some awesome Tips for Growing Jungle Cacti in India and add this beautiful plant to your collection!

Tips for Growing Jungle Cacti

Forest cacti are epiphytes that dwell in the rainforest, which is entirely opposite of the desert climate. They are popular for their flower display. Let’s have a look at Tips for Growing Jungle Cacti in India! 

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Difference between Jungle and Desert Cactus

As the name suggests, Desert Cactus is native to hot, arid, and dry environment. The plant can tolerate prolong drought periods easily.

Jungle Cactus belongs to the rainforests and dwells in a subtropical, humid climate with year-round warmth. They need consistent moisture to survive, and can’t withstand long drought.

Some Common Jungle Cactus Varieties

Growing Requirements of Jungle Cactus


It prefers fertile, slightly moist, and well-draining soil. A cacti potting mix amended with organic matter like well-rotted manure, compost, or leaf molds.

Alternatively, you can also mix equal parts of perlite, peat moss, potting soil, and, leaf molds/orchid barks for an ideal mix. Perlite improves drainage by keeping the medium airy and loose, while leaf molds retain some moisture and slowly break down for nutrients requirements.


Forest cacti appreciate moist soil. Water when the topsoil feels dry to touch. During summer, water it more frequently. Do not underwater these cacti as they can’t sustain drought and develop wrinkles on the stems.


Place them at the bright spot where they can avail morning sun with afternoon shade. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight for a prolonged period, especially during summer. For indoors, you can opt for a south-facing window with a curtain for a diffused light.


The plant loves warm and humid climate year-round. But, to stimulate blooming and bud formation it requires cold temperature. The plant is going to just right in typical Indian climate except for excessive cold and hot areas.

Note: Unlike desert cacti, they don’t become totally dormant during winters.


Since the plant is native to the subtropical humid climates it loves ample humidity. You can either use a humidifier for this purpose or keep the pot in a tray filled with water.

Jungle Cactus Care

Tips for Growing Jungle Cacti 2


During the pre-flowering period, when the flower bud is about to form, you can use any slow-release fertilizer to encourage blooming. Make sure to feed only during the flowering period once every two weeks, and stop feeding afterward. For dosage, refer to the label.


You need to re-pot the jungle cacti with a fresh potting mix every two years. Also, prune the cacti according to the shape of your choice during re-potting.

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