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Last Updated: 09.11.2023
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If you are looking for a popular Feng Shui Plant that also offers fantastic looks and ease of maintenance, then grow these beautiful Syngonium Varieties!

Arrowhead vines are cherished for their heart to arrowhead-shaped foliage that changes their shape and color with age. They make for a great garden and houseplants and here are some classic Syngonium Varieties that every houseplant lover must try at least once.

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Best Syngonium Varieties

1. Pink Allusion

Syngonium Varieties

The wonderful mix of pink and green colors on its foliage along with the dark green borders makes this variety stand out. This elegant plant needs modest care and prefers bright, filtered sunlight.

2. White Butterfly

The catchy blend of green and white shades along with the contrasting deep green border gives it a butterfly-like resemblance. This climbing vine variety can be trained vertically using sticks, ropes, or trellis.

3. Mini Pixie

Syngonium Varieties 2

This is a truly tiny Syngonium variety that is known for its clump-forming nature. It offers a lot of appeals thanks to its heart-shaped dark green leaves that are highlighted with the silver variegation.

4. Variegatum


The green foliage has random white splashes. This versatile plant starts its foliage in a heart shape that gradually takes an arrowhead shape as it matures.

5. Exotic Allusion

Syngonium Varieties 3

The light green leaves are evenly mottled with creamy white shade and look more compelling with the dark green corners. It does best in bright, filtered sunlight.

6. Green Gold

The foliage of this variety has green leaves with golden-yellow margins and veins. Thanks to its trailing habit, it is an ideal candidate for hanging baskets, and containers.

7. Bold Allusion

Syngonium Varieties 4

Its pale green leaves with pink veins make for an amazing table plant. This plant is extremely hardy and easy to care for.

8. Cream Allusion


The plant showcases cream-green foliage accentuated with pink veins. It is a compact and bushier plant variety that has medium-sized foliage.

9. Five Finger

Syngonium Varieties 6

As the name suggests, the foliage of this plant appears with 2, 4, 5, to 6 lobes. The heart-shaped leaves are deep green in color that pair well with unusual white patches.

10. Painted Arrow


The unmatchable variegation of cream, white, and green shades on the foliage look classy. Place this stunning plant in the bright dappled light.

11. Holly

Syngonium Varieties 8

The leaves of this plant are more like silver-green in color. Unlike other varieties, the foliage is pointed and remains compact and small.

12. Pink Splash


Pale green leaves mottled with the petite pink variegations make this plant stand out from the rest. This houseplant is well adapted to indoor conditioning.

13. Emerald Gem

Syngonium Varieties 9

Its leaves have an emerald green shade that looks more fascinating with the profound cream veins. The plant has a tendency to stay compact.

14. Trileaf Wonder


Its foliage is very slender and starts with pale green leaves, turning glossy green with time. The plant is a rapid grower and responds well to ample moisture with indirect bright sunlight.

15. Albolineatum

Syngonium Varieties 11

A quick-growing variety, it produces leaves in pale green color in an arrow shape. The leaves start attaining more deeper color with some cream variegations with maturity.

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