Mullu Murukku Tree Information | Growing Indian Coral Tree

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Indian Coral Tree is native to the southern parts of India and is also a popular vegetable! Let’s have a look at Mullu Murukku Tree Information and how to grow it.

Mullu Murukku Tree Information

Mullu murukku or Indian Coral Tree is one of the most popular trees in South India, thanks to its numerous therapeutic properties. If you want to know more about it, then read all about Mullu Murukku Tree Information below!

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Mullu Murukku Tree Information

Growing up to 6-8 feet tall, Mullu murukku is a deciduous shrub or small tree with sharp, thorny branches. Its main attraction are orange-red flowers that draw birds. The tree also has therapeutic properties and can treat several ailments.

Botanical Name: Erythrina variegata

Other Names: Indian coral tree, Murukku mara, Palwan, Dadap, Tiger’s claw, Pangri, Pharhada

Where does Mullu Murukku Tree Grow?

Pangri tree is native to Africa, Indian subcontinent, Australia, and the islands of the Indian Ocean. It thrives in wild, deciduous forests of coastal dunes. In India, this tree primarily grows in the Tamilnadu state.

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Growing Requirements of Mullu Murukku Tree


Mullu murukku is native to the Indian subtropical climate and does well in bright light to partial shade. For best growth, choose a spot that gets 5-6 hours of direct sun every day.


Indian coral tree does best in well-draining, sandy-loamy soil amended with organic matter. However, it is not too fussy about the growing medium and will do just fine in regular garden soil.


Water whenever the topsoil feels dry to touch. When the tree gets established, it will pretty much take care of its watering needs on its own.

Health Benefits of Indian Coral Tree

Mullu Murukku Tree Information 2

1. Beneficial for Heart Health

Including the leaves of mullu murukku once a month in a diet is beneficial for heart health. They remove bad LDL cholesterol from the body.

2. Improvs Digestive Health

Drinking decoction prepared from the stems and leaves of this tree improves digestion and appetite.

3. Treating Swelling and Inflammations

The bark of mullu murukku can reduce swelling and inflammation. Make a paste of barks and apply topically on the joint area.

4. Controlling Obesity

A decoction of its bark helps in reducing obesity. Make a powder of the bark and boil it in water until it reduces to half. Consume one cup daily.

5. Relief in Fever

Mullu murukku tree has antipyretic properties and drinking a cup of tea of its leaves helps in relieving fever.

6. Helps in Curing Women Problems

A tonic of its raw leaves can stimulate menstruation, strengthen the uterus, increases breast milk, and treats menstrual pain.

7. Cures Stomach Worm Infection

Practitioners advise taking a decoction or juice of the leaves on empty stomach in the early morning. It helps to flush out tape, round, and threadworms from the body via natural bowel movement.

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