How are Fertilizers Different from Manure?

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Do you want to know How are Fertilizers Different from Manure? What are their uses and how do they differ from each other? Let’s have a look!

If you want us the explain how fertilizers are different from manure, then we will make it really simple and easy for you! Keep on reading!

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How are Fertilizers Different from Manure?

Fertile meaning in Hindi is Upjau and fertilizers refer to the same thing – making the growing medium richer for the plants to thrive in.

Manure meaning in Hindi is Khaad and it refers to using organic methods to make the soil perfect for the growth of vegetables, fruits, and other plants.

Adding manure and fertilizers to the soil is the best way to tune it for the growth of a particular plant so that it thrives the best in it.

What is Fertilizer?

How are Fertilizers Different from Manure

A fertilizer is a chemical element that is added to the growing medium and contains necessary nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous to make the soil fertile.

These are portable, easy to transport, and absorbed quickly by the soil to yield the best results. However, as they have chemical composition, they might not be good for the environment in the longer run.

Common Fertilizers: Urea, Potash, Ammonium sulphate

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What is Manure?


Manure is a collection of the decomposition of dead plants and animals. The biggest advantages of manure are they are organic and pose no threat to the environment, making them perfect for use in vegetable and fruits. In India, the use of cow dung manure is on a wider scale, thanks to its easy availability and lesser cost.

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Difference Between Manure and Fertilizers

How are Fertilizers Different from Manure 2

The reason why are manure and fertilizers used in fields is to yield better results in the production of crops. Let’s have a look at the points that differentiate between manure and fertilizers.

1. Composition

  • Fertilizer: It is inorganic and manufactured in factories using chemicals.
  • Manure: It is organic and obtained from the decomposition of vegetables and animal waste.

2. Nutrients

  • Fertilizer: Fertilizers are rich in plant nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium K.
  • Manure: Manure is relatively less rich in nutrients as they are completely natural.

3. Usage

  • Fertilizer: Depends on the composition of the fertilizer. It may differ from brand to brand.
  • Manure: Can be added to the soil once a month or more frequently.

4. Environmental Impact

  • Fertilizer: Its excessive use causes water pollution. It cannot replenish the soil’s organic matter.
  • Manure: It protects the environment and helps in recycling farm waste.

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