6 Best Creeper Plants With Yellow Flowers

Published on: 01.05.2024

If you want to cover the walls of you home with golden shades, you need these Creeper Plants With Yellow Flowers!

 These Creeper Plants with Yellow Flowers are absolutely gorgeous and will grow really fast. Don’t believe us? Try out for yourselves.

Creeper Plants With Yellow Flowers

 1. Bougainvillea

Creeper Plants With Yellow Flowers 1

Botanical Name: Bougainvillea spp.

These beautiful creepers are really common in India and don’t need much care. Give them full sun and healthy soil, and they will give you pretty yellow flowers in return.

2. Allamanda

Creeper Plants With Yellow Flowers 2

Botanical Name: Allamanda cathartica

Allamandas are actually South American natives, but you can find them easily in local nurseries. Even online. They are vigorous climbers and produce yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers. Don’t try eating them, though; they are toxic.

3. Canary Creeper

Canary Creeper vine

Botanical Name: Thunbergia mysorensis

If you’re looking for a creeper with yellow flowers, you should go with the Canary Creeper. It grows fast, looks good on walls and fences, and is also known as the Mysore trumpet vine.

4. Ylang Ylang Vine

Ylang Ylang Vine

Botanical Name: Cananga odorata var. fruticosa

Ylang Ylang is rare, but it doesn’t mean you won’t find it anywhere. It is prized for its green-yellow flowers that give off a nice fragrance. Just give it partial to full shade and it will thrive.

5. Golden Trumpet

Golden Trumpet in garden
shutterstock/Md. Sala uddin Polash

Botanical Name: Allamanda neriifolia

Golden Trumpet vines just need regular feeding during the growing season, and they will keep growing. But just like the other Allamanda, it is toxic, so make sure your pets or kids don’t eat it.

6. Yellow Jasmine

Yellow Jasmine

Botanical Name: Jasminum mesnyi

Yellow Jasmine is a vigorous climber that has bright yellow, star-shaped flowers that bloom in lovely clusters. It is a relatively low-maintenance plant that prefers full sun to partial shade.

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