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Last Updated: 02.01.2024
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Areca Palm Benefits are so many that they make it one of the best houseplants you can grow! The plant also looks beautiful with its evergreen fronds!

If you want a houseplant that brings a tropical touch to your indoor space, then this is it! Not only it looks good, but there are also many Areca Palm Benefits that will surely tempt you to grow one in your home!

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Top Areca Palm Benefits

1. Purifies Indoor Air

Areca Palm Benefits

This plant absorbs and eliminates toxic air pollutants or VOCs like acetone, xylene, and toluene emitted from petroleum products like paints, and wooden furniture in the surrounding air. Prolonged exposure to them can be harmful to the lungs and can also cause breathing problems.

2. Produces More Oxygen

Areca absorbs carbon dioxide from the surroundings and releases more oxygen. If you want to increase the oxygen levels at your home, growing two areca palms in a 100 square feet area would help greatly.

3. Safe for Pets

According to an ASPCA report, this lush plant is non-toxic to cats, dogs, and horses, making it one of the most pet-friendly plants for homes.

4. Elevates Humidity Level Indoors

Prolonged exposure to dry air and breathing can cause skin irritation and dryness, eye itching, sore throat, and tightness around joints. If you are someone who is suffering from sinusitis, asthma, and bronchitis, then breathing dry air can make them worse.

The good news is, increasing humidity levels indoors is the best way to battle dry air issues, and growing  areca palms along with placing a humidifier will help greatly!

5. Feng Shui Plant

Areca Palm Benefits 2

This plant is considered very auspicious and fortunate in feng shui culture and brings wealth, peace, and prosperity to the house.

6. Helps in Relieving Stress

According to a survey conducted at the University of Vermont, having green plants like areca in home and workplace can reduce stress and anxiety by 37 percent and fatigue by 38 percentage. The plant also uplifts mental health too.

7. Easy to Care For

Areca palm is a boon for busy gardeners, as it is a low-maintenance plant. Periodic watering and pruning keep the plant in a healthy state. Just make sure that you are growing it where the plant gets plenty of bright light.

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8. Adds a Touch of Elegance

The beautiful fronds of areca add appeal to the space. It also remains green year-round, gels with all types of interiors, and adds a bold statement with its fan-like foliage.

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