13 Types of Roses in India | Best Rose Varieties

Last Updated: 12.04.2023

The exquisite beauty and fragrance of roses make them irresistible! Do you know about their diverse varieties? Here are the best Types of Roses in India!

Symbolizing true love and passion, fragrant and vivid roses are available in a diverse range of colors, fragrance, and floral arrangements. There are mainly two different types of roses -Old and Modern. The most popular ones are modern roses, which are the hybrid of two roses and primarily divided into HT, Floribunda, Polyantha, Miniature, and Climbing by RoseSocietyofIndia. However, there are other significant types as well. Have all the details on the best Types of Roses in India!

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Best Types of Roses in India

1. Hybrid Tea

Types of Roses in India

Popular Varieties: Golden Splendor, Papa Meiland, Dil-ki-Rani, Nandini

This rose is a cross of perpetual and tea roses. Displaying a wide range of colors, hybrid tea roses are bushier and feature a pointed floral arrangement, consisting of 30-50 petals, making them great cut flowers. The HT roses are further subdivided by RoseSocietyofIndia according to their color tones.

  • Rose ‘Indian Summer’

Talking about hybrid tea roses, and missing to mention rose ‘Indian Summer’ would be a sin. This double-flowered Indian rose variety is insanely fragrant as well as subtly charming, thanks to its exceptional apricot shade. Also, this HT rose displays its beauty during summers and falls.

2. Miniature

Popular Varieties: Baby love, Dazler, Beauty Scarlet, Lavander Jewel

As the name signifies, miniature flowers are developed to remain small in size. Coming in the captivating shades of pink, orange, white, and yellow, they continue to bloom for 2-3 weeks during the flowering period. These are hardy and versatile with petite stems and look best in hanging pots and borders.

3. Polyanthas

Types of Roses in India 2

Popular Varieties: Rashmi, Pink Spray, Barani, Nartaki, Fairy rose, Sneezy

What makes polyanthas desirable is disease-resistance and low-maintenance. Polyantha repeatedly blossoms from spring till the fall. The flowers emerge in clusters in the shades of white, pink, and red. Polyantha roses offer an aesthetic appeal while growing in pots and hedges.

4. Grandiflora

Popular Varieties: Earth song, Pink Parfait

This flower is a cross between hybrid tea and floribunda roses. Multiple flowers, in a cluster of 3-5, emerge on a single upright stem. Showcasing diverse shades of colors like purple, red, orange, pink, and yellow, the blooms continue to display from late springs till late summers.

5. Climber

Types of Roses in India 3

Popular Varieties: Climbing Mister Lincoln, Kanyakumari, May Queen, Eden, Blaze

The climber roses are not vines, but their stiff and long canes can be trained on any support. These are usually trained horizontally, as it stimulates more flowering. Climbers are popular for the showy, and large flowers that pop up several times in their growing season.

6. Shrub

Popular Varieties: Swany, Iceberg, Beach

Shrub roses represent all the ultimate features of modern and old garden roses. The roses are usually double- petaled and resemble the cabbage appearance. They come in all shades of the rainbow, except for the blue and green.

7. Floribunda

Types of Roses in India 4

Popular Varieties: Mahak, Golden, Prema, Sobhag, Chandrama, Nav Sadabahar, Suchitra, Kusum

Floribunda roses are the crossbreed of hybrid tea and polyantha roses. They bear dense clusters of large blossoms in the mesmerizing shades of orange, yellow, purple, pink, and white. Growing up to 5-6 feet, the plant is a low grower and looks best on hedges.

8. Landscape or Groundcover

Popular Varieties: Avon, Flower carpet scarlet, Flower carpet coral

Showcasing a wide range of colors, along with intrigue floral patterns, these roses impart a charismatic dimension to the landscapes. They repeatedly flower year-round in a tropical climate. Thanks to their less maintenance, low-growing, sprawling growth habit that makes them excellent space fillers in gardens.

9. Rambler Roses

Types of Roses in India 5

Popular Varieties: American pillar, Phyllis Bide, Snow Goose, Malvern Hills

Rambler roses showcase the same features as climber roses, except for the fact that they are not as vigorous as ramblers. These have flexible stems that bear the dense mass of blooms. Furthermore, these rose varieties respond well to training on pergolas and arches as a stunning visual.

10. Alba Roses

Popular Varieties: Maiden’s blush

Flowering during mid-springs, the alba roses are disease-resistant and can tolerate even shade. They are one of the oldest rose varieties and generally come in white to pink shades. The flower consists of multiple petals and marked by a potent floral aroma.

11. Damask Roses

Popular Varieties: Jwala, Noorjaha, Himroz

This hybrid rose is the cross of Rosa gallica and Rosa moschata. The damask rose comes in the shade of light pink to deep pink. This rose variety is cherished in India, as it is used in making rose oil known as ‘attar’. Moreover, its edible petals make a complimentary match in flavoring food, herbal teas, and making preservative gulkand.

12. Bourbon Roses

Popular Varieties: Zephirine Drouhin

The bourbon roses are the crossbreed of Damask and old blush China roses. The charming old garden rose comes falls in the color range of snow white to dark pink. This variety has a pleasing fragrance and it also finds uses in rose oil preparation.

Bonus – Kashmiri Rose 

Kashmiri roses have earned high admiration in India, thanks to their hybrid tea-like looks, accompanied by resilient and tough nature. The petals of Kashmiri roses are as soft as the cashmere wool. Flowering from late spring till the fall, these shrub roses are slightly fragrant and are good cut flowers for the vases.

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