Chandrima is a passionate flower enthusiast and writer at India Gardening. With a deep-rooted love for flowers, she curates insightful content that captures the essence of floriculture and educates millions of gardeners worldwide.


  • Dedicated Flower Enthusiast
  • 5+ Years of Experience in Content Writing
  • Editorial Experience in Curating Digital Content in Gardening and Lifestyle Domains
  • Former Contributor at Balcony Garden Web


Meet Chandrima, a devoted flower enthusiast with a passion in not just nurturing a wide variety of flowers, but educating others around the same.

“Gardening is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of living”—Says Chandrima.

Hailing from the bustling life of Calcutta, she grew a love for flowers since her very childhood, and has nurtured a colorful oasis in her yard. Her passion for growing flowers is not limited to gardens or extensive landscapes, but small nooks and corners of the house as well.

As a content writer in India Gardening, and a hands-on expertise in floriculture, she has been inspiring millions of readers worldwide with growing seasonal blooms, and dealing with the common challenges that come along.

With a master’s degree in English Literature and Language, along with a diploma in Animation, she has combined her literary prowess with botanical expertise to create informative content for prominent websites such as Indoor Garden Web & Balcony Garden Web.

Apart from gardening, Chandrima calls herself a selenophile, with an innate love for nature, poetry, and a dream to embark on a countrywide journey, while soaking in different cultures and documenting her experiences on the go!


Chandrima holds a Master’s degree in English Literature & Language, which she earned in 2022. In addition, she possesses a diploma in Animation, acquired in 2021, enhancing her expertise in visual digital presentation and content creation.
Her educational background is complemented by a track record of attending numerous international virtual seminars around contemporary literary works, further honing her skills and knowledge in the field.


  • Flower Cultivation & Care
  • Small-Space Gardening
  • Creative Writing