10 Fastest Growing Vegetables in India

Last Updated: 21.12.2023

If you are looking forward to having a fast harvest, then here are the Fastest Growing Vegetables in India you can try and enjoy fresh!

There are plenty of benefits of growing your own food. It is cheap, rewarding, and lets you enjoy a fresh harvest of flavorful veggies at home. If you postpone your gardening plans because of a long harvesting period, then try growing these Fastest-Growing Vegetables in India!

Here are the best winter season vegetables in India

Fastest Growing Vegetables in India

1. Lettuce

Fastest Growing Vegetables in India

Botanical Name: Lactuca sativa

Homegrown lettuce offers high nutritional value and superior flavor compared to the ones available in the market. They grow quickly and become mature after 3-4 weeks of sowing the seeds in-ground or in containers.

2. Spinach

Botanical Name: Spinacia oleracea

Spinach is the most popular green leafy vegetable in India and very easy to grow, even for beginners. Most varieties mature and become ready to harvest within 4-6 weeks of sowing the seeds. These veggies do well in partial to full sunlight.

3. Radish

Fastest Growing Vegetables in India 2

Botanical Name: Raphanus sativus

Radishes are super easy to grow vegetables known for their refreshing flavor. They take around 3-5 weeks to mature and become readily available for harvesting. Cherry Belle is the fastest growing variety.

4. Fenugreek

Botanical Name: Trigonella foenum-graecum

Popularly known as Methi, Fenugreek is cherished for its strong aroma and bitter flavor. It is healthy and gets ready only within 3-4 weeks of sowing the seeds. For better growth, make sure to use a wide container with sufficient drainage holes.

5. Carrots

Fastest Growing Vegetables in India 3

Botanical Name: Daucus carota subsp. sativus

Carrot is the star vegetable of the winter season and rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Choose a spot in your garden that receives 3-4 hours of bright sunlight and sow the carrot seeds directly in the ground. For containers, go for dwarf varieties.

6. Arugula

Botanical Name: Eruca vesicaria ssp. sativa

Arugula is a fast-growing veggie cultivated for its aromatic leaves and tangy flavor. You can grow arugula easily on a terrace. or balcony with the help of containers and relish a fresh harvest after 5-6 weeks of planting the seeds.

7. Turnip

Fastest Growing Vegetables in India 4

Botanical Name: Brassica rapa subsp. rapa

People love growing turnips for their incredibly high nutritional value. It is indeed a superfood loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. There are over 30 varieties of turnips you can grow at home with minimal care needs.

8. Beet

Botanical Name: Beta vulgaris

Beet is another great choice if you are looking for rapidly fast-growing veggies. It’s grown for its edible leaves and flavorful roots, which become ready to harvest after 3-4 weeks. Home-grown beets taste best when you enjoy them in smoothies!

9. Kale

Fastest Growing Vegetables in India 5

Botanical Name: Brassica oleracea var. sabellica

Kale is a super nutritious vegetable and grows best in winter months. People prefer to have it in their salads. Its most popular varieties include baby, dinosaur, and Winterborn kale are rich in fibers, minerals, and antioxidants.

10. Tomatoes

Botanical Name: Solanum lycopersicum L.

No veggie can compare up to the refreshing and tangy flavor of homegrown tomatoes! You can grow them easily in the garden or pots and harvest them after 4-6 weeks of germination.

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