11 Best Trees with Pink Leaves

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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These Trees with Pink Leaves offer various shades of colors, adding vibrant hue to the gardens. We have the best list for you!

In the vast tapestry of nature, few colors evoke a sense of grace and beauty like the delicate shades of pink. From soft blush to vibrant magenta, Trees with Pink Leaves offer a captivating display that enchants and inspires. I

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Advantages of Growing Trees with Pink Leaves

Growing trees with pink leaves can offer several advantages, including aesthetic appeal, environmental benefits, and biodiversity support.

  1. Ornamental Value: Trees with pink leaves add a unique and eye-catching element to your landscape. The pink foliage can create a stunning contrast against other greenery, making your garden or yard more visually appealing.
  2. Seasonal Interest: They exhibit vibrant color changes throughout the seasons, transitioning to different colors like bronze, purple, or red in autumn. This provides year-round interest and diversity in your landscape.
  3. Color Harmony: Trees with pink leaves can complement the surrounding flora, especially when paired with plants of different colors. They can create a harmonious color scheme in your garden, enhancing the overall beauty and visual balance.
  4. Shade and Cooling: Like other trees, they provide shade, which is especially valuable in hot climates or during the summer months. They can help cool down the surrounding area, reducing the need for artificial cooling methods and potentially lowering energy costs.
  5. Educational Opportunities: They can be a great educational tool for children and adults alike. They offer an opportunity to learn about different tree species, their characteristics, and the role they play in the environment. Observing the changes in leaf color throughout the seasons can also foster an appreciation for nature and the cycles of life.

Trees with Pink Leaves

1. Japanese Maple

trees with pink leaves

Botanical Name: Acer palmatum

First on the list of trees with pink leaves, Japanese maples are renowned for their stunning foliage, and several cultivars have red-rosy leaves. Examples include ‘Shindeshojo,’ ‘Beni-Kawa,’ and ‘Bloodgood.’

2. Red Maple

Botanical Name: Acer rubrum

While the typical foliage of red maples is green, some cultivars display vibrant rosy or red foliage in the fall. Examples include ‘October Glory’ and ‘Red Sunset.’ 

3. Eastern Redbud

trees with pink leaves 4Botanical Name: Cercis canadensis

Eastern redbud produces small, pea-like rosy blooms in spring, and some cultivars, like ‘Forest Pansy,’ have reddish-purple leaves that turn more pinkish as they age.

4. Crabapple

shutterstock/Alexandra Theile

Botanical Name: Malus spp.

Next on the list of trees with pink leaves, several crabapple cultivars offer rosy or reddish foliage. Examples include ‘Pink Spires,’ ‘Pink Princess,’ and ‘Indian Magic.’

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5. Smoke Treetrees with pink leaves 7

Botanical Name: Cotinus coggygria

These have unique, airy pink or reddish flowers, and some varieties, such as ‘Royal Purple’ or ‘Velvet Cloak,’ have leaves that turn a deep reddish-purple in summer.

6. Purple-leaf Plum


Botanical Name: Prunus cerasifera

Also known as cherry plum or flowering plum, these species has cultivars with purple or reddish-purple foliage, such as ‘Thundercloud’ or ‘Newport.’

9. Purple Beechtrees with pink leaves 67

Botanical Name: Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea’

While not strictly rosy, the deep purple foliage of the purple beech can have reddish undertones, creating a rich, dark coloration. 

10. Ornamental Cherry

Botanical Name: Prunus serrulata

Some ornamental varieties like ‘Kanzan’ or ‘Accolade,’ have rosy blooms in spring and develop reddish-bronze or reddish-purple foliage in fall.

11. Sweetgumtrees with pink leaves 88

Botanical Name: Liquidambar styraciflua

Sweetgums can turn into shades of red, purple, or pink in the fall. It is one of the best trees with pink leaves on this list for sure!

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