31 Christmas Decoration Items with Plants and Flowers

Last Updated: 29.12.2023
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Find the joy of the holiday season with Christmas decorations items that blend the festive spirit with the beauty of plants and flowers.

As the holiday season approaches, bring the festive spirit into your space by blending the natural charm of plants and flowers into your Christmas décor. Explore simple and delightful ideas to enjoy the warmth of nature in your surroundings, along with charming Christmas decoration items that will add an extra touch of joy to your home.

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Christmas Decoration Items with Plants and Flowers

1. Amaryllis Beauty in a Decorative Pot

Christmas decorations items

Bring the holiday spirit to life with a striking Amaryllis plant showcased in a decorative pot. This stunning centerpiece effortlessly adds charm to any space, making it a perfect focal point for your Christmas decor.

2. Colorful Poinsettias in a Wooden Planter

Experience the impressive impact of a couple of vibrant poinsettias and a tabletop Christmas tree arranged in a straightforward wooden planter. Tied with a classic bow, this simple yet eye-catching look becomes an easy holiday decoration.

3. Rustic Charm

Christmas decorations items

Fill your space with the warm glow of brown candles housed in a charming flowery pot. This rustic look adds a touch of coziness to your holiday decor.

 4. Door Welcome

Create a welcoming entrance with a classic wreath adorning your door. This simple yet festive addition sets the tone for a joyous holiday atmosphere.

5. Dining Delight
Christmas decorations items

Transform your dining area into a festive haven with the addition of Christmas ornaments and tree leaves. This delightful arrangement brings the holiday spirit to every meal.

6. Poinsettia Wreath

Ready your decor with the timeless beauty of a poinsettia wreath. This stylish piece adds a traditional with visually appealing touch to any space.

7. Hanging Glow

Christmas decorations items 4

Fill your surroundings with a hanging wreath featuring a candle holder. The combination of natural elements and warm candlelight creates a cozy ambiance.

8. Door Starburst

A bold red star, complemented by garland and assorted ornaments, graces your door, creating a lively along with welcoming entry.

9. Lightning Globes

Christmas decorations items 5

Decorate your tree with the mesmerizing glow of lightning globes, creates a magical aura into your Christmas ambiance.

10. Cozy Delight

Revamp your decor with knitted hats and old sweaters, transforming them into charming and warm people along with inviting atmosphere.

11. Homemade Nativity Magic

Craft your creative outdoor decorations with this easy DIY nativity scene. Utilize wood, outdoor paint, a jigsaw, and fabric scraps for a magical display in your front yard or back garden.

12. Bauble and Bows

Christmas decorations items 6

Deck your Christmas tree with an abundance of baubles and bows, accompanied by miniature Santa Clauses and gifts, creating a festive and joyful spectacle.

13. Staircase Festivity

Ready your stairs with Christmas-themed stockings and garland, featuring small Santa Clauses. This delightful arrangement adds a touch of holiday magic to your home.

14. Rustic Candle Glow

Christmas decorations items 7

Create a rustic ambiance with candles and a silver star adorning your Christmas tree, increased by the magical glow of fairy lights for a cozy along with inviting atmosphere.

15. Wreath Chandelier Decoration

Hang a wreath chandelier near your door, accentuated by two plants adorned with lights, adding a touch of charm and warmth to your entryway.

16. Pine Festivity

Christmas decorations items 8

Enjoy the holiday spirit with a pine Christmas plant with a vibrant red wool ribbon, bringing a festive and natural touch to your seasonal decor.

17. Sparkling Tree Decor

Achieve a glittery allure with a Christmas tree adorned with a myriad of ornaments, fill your space with festive charm and gleaming holiday spirit.

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18. Pine Greenery

Christmas decorations items 9

Make your decor creative with pine greenery in a unique tea-cup pot, accompanied by candles, creating a sophisticated and natural centerpiece.

19. Tabletop Radiance


Glow your table with candles and a wreath chandelier, crafting a warm and inviting atmosphere for festive gatherings.

20. Spathiphyllum Festivity

Christmas decorations items 10

Decorate your space with Spathiphyllum wallisii, accented by red Christmas decor, and savor the holiday spirit with a glass of white wine, creating a cozy setting.

21. Snowy Look


Design your space in a snowy ambiance, featuring regal lights and a door wreath. Embrace the winter charm for a festive and enchanting atmosphere.

22. Playful Rabbit Theme

Christmas decorations items 11

Incorporate a playful touch with a wreath adorned with pink flowers, showcasing a delightful rabbit and carrot theme that adds a touch of whimsy to your decor.

23. Sansevieria Festive Knot


Decorate your holiday setup with Sansevieria cylindrica in a ponytail knot or distinctive design, accompanied by a small Santa Claus for a charming and modern twist.

24. Wooden Kids Bed Magic

Christmas decorations items 12

Craft a magical space for little ones with a wooden two-layer bed adorned with a red woolen scarf and garlands, decorated by fairy lights for a cozy and delightful atmosphere.

25. Santa Cap Pine Charm


Add a touch of cuteness with a pine plant shaped like Santa Claus’s cap, bringing a festive and adorable element to your holiday decor.

26. Veggie Wonderland Tree

Christmas decorations items 14

Create a unique theme with a vegetable-inspired Christmas tree, along with succulents for a fresh and wholesome festive display.

27. Coir Pole Touch


Decorate your space with a coir pole-based tree adorned with lights and baubles, providing a rustic and charming centerpiece for your holiday decorations.

28. Green Oasis

Transform your space into a green oasis with stars, Christmas trees, and various ornaments, creating a harmonious with vibrant holiday look.

29. Poinsettia Centerpiece

Christmas decorations items 15

Fill your decor with a poinsettia displayed on a unique wooden table, adding a natural and festive touch to your holiday setting.

30. Welcoming Green Entrance

Welcome guests with a green entrance featuring wreaths, garlands, and red bows, complemented by a big Santa-like statue for a warm and inviting holiday atmosphere.

31. Rustic Entry

Make a rustic charm into your entrance with lighting garlands, creating a cozy and welcoming ambiance for the festive season.

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