Cerbera Odollam – Why it is Called a Suicide Tree

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Cerbera Odollam has a negative reputation and it is the reason why people stay away with it. Let’s have a look in detail!

Cerbera Odollam

Cerbera Odollam is a evergreen specimen that can be a good addition to the garden. However, it comes with a little dark secret. What it is ? Read on!

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Cerbera Odollam Information 

Cerbera Odollam is a plant native to India and other parts of Southeast Asia. It is well popular for its toxic seeds, which contain chemicals that can cause cardiac arrest and other symptoms if ingested. In certain regions of the globe, the seeds have acquired a notorious reputation as “suicide seeds” due to their unfortunate use in incidents of self-harm or homicide.

Despite its toxicity, the plant has also been helpful for medicinal purposes in some traditional medicines. Additionally, it is important to handle this plant with extreme caution and avoid any contact with its seeds. 

Common Names: Suicide tree or Pong-pong 

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Why Cerbera Odollam is Called as The Suicide Tree?

Cerbera odollam is commonly popular as the “Suicide Tree” due to its infamous reputation for being used in cases of deliberate self-harm. The tree contains a potent and lethal cardiac glycoside called cerberin, which can cause severe heart-related symptoms and lead to death if ingested. This toxic compound affects the heart’s functioning, leading to cardiac arrest and other complications.

The seeds of Cerbera odollam have been unfortunately misused as a means of self-inflicted harm, earning the tree its morbid nickname. Additionally, it is essential to treat this plant with caution and ensure its restricted access to prevent any accidental or intentional ingestion.

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Would it Be a Good Idea to Grow Cerbera odollam in the Garden?

Cerbera Odollam 4

While it is technically possible to grow Cerbera odollam in a garden, it is strongly advised against doing so. Cerbera odollam is an extremely toxic plant, and its seeds, leaves, and other parts contain potent cardiac glycosides that can be lethal if ingested or even handled improperly. This plant is responsible for numerous cases of intentional and accidental poisonings, including fatalities.

Due to its highly toxic nature, many countries have strict regulations and restrictions on its cultivation and sale. It is classified as a poisonous or controlled plant in several regions.

Given the significant risks associated, it is highly recommended not to attempt growing it in your garden. It is essential to prioritize safety and avoid any potential harm to yourself, others, or animals. If you encounter this plant or suspect its presence, it is best to consult with local authorities or plant experts on how to safely handle and dispose of it.

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