14 Best Purple Vegetables to Add to Your Garden

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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If you want the veggies to stand out in the garden, then here are some of the Best Purple Vegetables you can grow! Add colors to your yard today!

Whether your goal is to add a striking splash of color, spruce up your garden or ramp up the antioxidant profile of your palate, vegetables always come in handy. They have been known to help heal from inflammatory diseases, including chronic pain, and many of them are superfoods to boot! Not just that, they have potent anti-aging and anti-cancer benefits! Let’s have a look at the Best Purple Vegetables!

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Best Purple Vegetables

1. Purple Asparagus

Best Purple Vegetables

Purple asparagus is a mildly sweet perennial vegetable with 20% higher sugar content than its green counterpart, making it a lovely vegetable to eat fresh off your garden. Its stalks are vitamin-rich, turn green when cooked, and taste nutty. It is one of the Best Purple Vegetables you can grow!

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2. Purple Bell Pepper


The intriguing look-alike of the classical bell peppers, the striking purple variety stands out in salads, pasta, and gardens alike. They taste somewhat sweet and peppery and are great for growing outdoors, particularly because they adore sunlit places.

3. Purple Bok Choy


For those of you living in a temperate climate, the purple bok choy is a great vegetable to grow in your garden. A close cousin of turnip, its sweet-tasting leaves are reminiscent of Swiss chard. A healthy addition to salads and stir-fries, this green is best eaten raw when young and steamed when older. It is one of the Best Purple Vegetables you can grow!

4. Eggplant


With its lovely large leaves, cute shape, and eye-catching color, the eggplant is a great addition to the garden. The secret to its success is the direct sun for prolonged periods of time. Raised beds enriched with organic matter and composting are ideal for its growth.

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5. Purple Rutabagas


Easy to grow and tastes delicious when mashed or roasted, this root vegetable blends easily with the weather, which means they tolerate direct sun or light shade in equal measures. Growing them on raised beds with loose soil is a good idea to prevent root rot arising from soil clumps. It is one of the Best Purple Vegetables you can grow!

6. Purple Peas


Purple on the outside, and green on the inside, purple hull peas are an excellent crop to grow in late summer. Being a lover of the warm weather, it doesn’t abide the frost much, which means it’s best planted in April or May. These are legumes, so they fix their nitrogen, negating the need for external fertilization.

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7. Purple Kohlrabi


A member of the brassica family, purple kohlrabi makes for a unique addition to gardens. It can be used as a substitute for kale or cabbage in salads or fermented foods as it has the same nutritional content as these veggies. To achieve ideal growth, it prefers ample access to sunlight (6-8 hours), and mildly acidic, richly composted soil that drains well. It is one of the Best Purple Vegetables you can grow!

8. Purple Onions


Enriched with antioxidants and vitamins, purple onions are a healthful add-on to salads, just like cabbage. They are just like your usual onions, albeit with a more potent flavor and aroma. Plus, they have a wonderful shelf life, making them a great option to grow during winter.

9. Purple Artichoke


Unique in its own right, artichoke is an excellent crop to grow in the garden, not just for its charismatic flowers, but also its flavor and nutritional profile. The purple varieties, just like their green counterparts, require full sun and adequate moisture for ideal growth. It is one of the Best Purple Vegetables you can grow!

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10. Purple and Black Carrots


Whether it is for bones, eye health, or diabetes, purple carrots are a superb addition to the diet. They have higher vitamin A content than the orange ones but are just as hardy to frost and cold. However, they grow best in a place that gets direct sun.

11. Purple Cauliflower


Contrary to what you may feel, the purple variety of cauliflower is not dyed; rather, it gets its hue from a higher antioxidant content as found in vegetables like red cabbage. The ‘Purple of Sicily’ variety is most popular, owing to its beautiful purple heads, striking shape, and low-carb content. It is one of the Best Purple Vegetables you can grow!

12. Sweet Potatoes


Whether mashed or roasted, purple sweet potatoes are a great inclusion to holiday dinners. They are surprisingly hardy, and low maintenance, meaning you don’t need to invest in fertilizer.

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13. Cherokee purple tomatoes


Tomatoes come in many varieties, including blue, black, and purple. The Cherokee purple tomatoes are the most common purplish tomatoes. They require prolonged sun and regular watering to grow. It is one of the Best Purple Vegetables you can grow!

14. Purple String Beans


The purple string beans are easy to spot and do not camouflage easily amidst the foliage, making them easy to pick. They grow best in fertile soil enriched with organic matter, proper drainage, and consistent exposure to sunlight (6-8 hours). They are warm climate lovers and grow optimally at 27°C.

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