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Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Do you want to grow flowers that remain small and manageable? Here are the most beautiful Miniature Rose Varieties you must try!

The king of flowers Rose come in so many varieties that it can become quite overwhelming for you to pick one for your home. Don’t worry, we have got your back! If you live in a small space like a studio or an apartment, try growing one of these Miniature Rose Varieties! 

Botanical Name: Rosa

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Best Miniature Rose Varieties

1. Climber and Rambler Varieties 

Best Miniature Rose Varieties

Climber and Rambler roses can be pruned and trained to grow in a small space. If you live in an apartment, keep them in a small pot and make sure they get plenty of sunlight.

2. Shrubs

The blooms have double petals and are closely clustered, which gives them a fantastic appearance. They are available in all rainbow shades except green and blue. These are one of the Best Miniature Rose Varieties you can grow.

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3. Hybrid Tea 

Best Miniature Rose Varieties 2

Hybrid Tea Rose is one of India’s best miniatures rose varieties. They are popular for their double-flowers deep fragrance, and easy to maintain nature.

4. Floribunda 


This miniature variety of roses is a cross between Polyantha and Hybrid Tea. It grows dense clusters of giant flowers in beautiful shades of yellow, white, pink, purple, and orange.

5. Multiflora

Best Miniature Rose Varieties 8

It is one of the best low-maintenance Miniature Rose Varieties and comes in shades of red, pink, and white. Just make sure you add plenty of organic matter in the growing medium and provide it ample sunlight.

6. Grandiflora 

This rose is a cross between Floribunda roses and Hybrid tea rose. The plant features a cluster of flowers on a single stem. One of the most famous features of this rose is its enchanting shades of yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple.

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7. Damask 

Best Miniature Rose Varieties 16

These miniature roses are a cross between Rosa moschata and Rosa gallica. They feature flowers from deep pink to light pink and are used to flavor dishes, make Gulkand, and attar, a kind of rose oil.

8. Bourbon 

One of the best Best Miniature Rose Varieties, they are popular for the production of rose oil as they have a very pleasant fragrance. The blooms are generally of snow white or dark pink color.

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9. Alba 

Best Miniature Rose Varieties 25

This is one of the oldest varieties of rose and offers lovely pink to white flowers with a sweet fragrance. The plant is resistant to diseases and grows best in direct sunlight.

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